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Rendezvous with the Brave SJ of Chasing the Donkey!

If we can’t get together face to face…let’s do it virtually!

Rendezvous with SJ
On this installment of our traveler interview series: A Rendezvous with Rovers on Weekend Travel Inspiration, I’ve interviewed SJ from Chasing the Donkey.  I believe SJ is one of the bravest people I know to move all the way to Croatia with a small one!  Read her story, and please let me know what you think in the comments below!
Where do you live now? Tell us a little about where you are from.
We live in the sunny country of Croatia! We’re originally from Australia. Part of the reason we came to live in Croatia was because my husband inherited his Grandfather’s house. The majority of my husband’s family live in the small town we’ve moved to, in Dalmatia. Along with wanting to enjoy a slower paced life, and enjoy fresh food, we came to Croatia to be in Europe to TRAVEL!
What inspires you to travel? What types of places call to you? How often do you get to travel?
Almost everything, we see places or hear a story and have an urge to ‘check it out”. We’ve been to lots of places, such as it was, on the way to something else.
Rendezvous with SJ

Describe your travel philosophy. What is your style? Are you more of a luxury traveler or is backpacking more your style?
I don’t think we have one really. Kind of boring I know. I guess if I had to label us we are much more in the luxury traveler area. My husband especially so loves 5 star and complains endlessly when things are not his taste. Neither of us have ever backpacked or stayed in anything remotely like a backpackers… that ship has sailed now.
Do you like to be in control and do all your own planning, or do you like to let go and go on tours or go to a travel agent to help out?
A mix! Almost always we do it ourselves, however I believe in allowing professionals to do their job – and so I do allow travel agents take over. Sometimes.
Rendezvous with SJ

Do you like to pack a lot into a day or take it easy and follow your whims?
We’ve never been the pack-it-all-in kind of folk. We are far too lazy for that. We like to enjoy long meals, and sleep-ins and just letting things happens. For example we stayed 9 nights in Paris and never managed to climb the tower – we said we’d ‘do it tomorrow’, and tomorrow never came.
Everyone always asks the impossible question of what is your favorite, but just tell us a couple of places that you just love or surprised you, or a place you find yourself going back to, and maybe a place that was a little disappointing and didn’t live up to its reputation.
Egypt was a treat for me. I was not wanting to go, and gave in to the begging. I am so glad I did. We were bothered, like I had heard happens, and enjoyed it so much.
On the flip side I was so unimpressed with L.A. It was so busy and smoggy when I was there, I just never enjoyed my time there.
Rendezvous with SJ

Other than travel blogging, what do you do to remember your travels? Do you buy souvenirs?
We used to collect art as souvenirs. But now we have no more space, and just have far too many baby things to carry. I did start an awesome postcard collection with the idea to turn it into a book….someday.
What is your next destination and what are you looking forward to doing there?
I’ll be in Croatia all summer. Hello, why would I leave? After that it’s off to Athens and then to Australia and the Philippines. Both of which will be long-haul on my own with a toddler. GULP.
Finally, if you could inspire someone to start traveling, which place would you recommend to him or her as a good  starting destination and why?
If you don’t already have a dream destination in mind, ask your friends where they’ve been and what they liked and disliked and WHY. Don’t just believe them, but read travel blogs (der!) and travel magazines to get a sense of a place. Where ever you go just soak it all up, as you may never be back. 
Rendezvous with SJ

Thank you SJ!  If you would like to connect with SJ, you can find her at her website (Chasing the Donkey).


Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

Thursday 4th of September 2014

What a great series. SJ is one very strong lady and such a supportive blogger too. I enjoyed finding out more about her.

Corinne Vail

Friday 5th of September 2014

Phoebe, I agree. SJ is very inspirational and great writer!


Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

Cute :)

SJ @ Chasing the Donkey

Monday 21st of July 2014

Thanks kindly for your sweet intro on me. I am either brave... or mad! Either way loving the adventure. Thanks for having me Corine.

Corinne Vail

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

SJ, Thanks for doing the much fun!