Instagramming Croatia

We just basically just got back from our week-long road trip down the Dalmatian Coast and here are some photos to show you a little about our trip, a taste, a teaser.  There’s more on the way!

Croatia license plate.
HR – Stands for Republika Hrvatska, the official name of the country.

Croatia is a Stunning Country!

Laundry hanging in medieval town square.
Our first stop, Sibenik.
Ancient harbor in Croatia.
Croatian salad, cheese and tomatoes.
Cheese, cheese, cheese. Famous and from the Island of Pag.
Croatian fishing floats.
Fishing floats, an obsession.
Small Croatian fishing boat.
Small boat harbor in Split, Croatia.
Split Harbor
Dubrovnik city wall and defensive tower at night.
Dubrovnik old town central square and bell tower.
More Dubrovnik.
Wild boar crossing sign.
Yeah! We didn’t see any.
Red poppies looking out to the Adriatic sea.
Just along the road!
Croatian ferry.
Ferry to Korcula.
View of Korcula, Croatia
View from our Korcula hotel…rough!
Water fall in Plitvice National Park.
Plitvice Lakes
Ancient anchors on display in Zadar.

Have you been to Croatia?  What did you think?

What do you want to know about?  We’ll try to answer some of your questions in our upcoming posts!  Stay tuned!

37 thoughts on “Instagramming Croatia”

  1. Your teaser photos have certainly piqued my curiosity about what else you saw. I had no idea that was was Croatia’s official name. It’s a beautiful country, isn’t it. Did you find it not as touristy as other nearby areas of Europe?

    1. Michele, It is a beautiful country, however there were plenty of tourists already. I would say all the big sites are definitely on the tourist trail. Especially Split and Dubrovnik were overrun. We still enjoyed them, but the lesser known places were very quiet and it was great to explore them.

  2. From reading other blogs, I’ve seen how stunningly beautiful Croatia is but I didn’t notice until now how diverse it is too. I’d love to visit.

  3. Hi Corrine. I haven’t been to this part of Europe. You photos make me want to change that. I agree, Croatia does indeed look stunning.

    1. Brittany Ruth! I.Am.So.Excited! I can’t wait to travel the Faroes. We’re doing that and Iceland in the same trip. There will definitely be posts! And photos! I am also following you on Bloglovin’…thanks!

  4. We’re in the process of booking our trip for the end of the summer. I just want to find dirt cheap flights and that does not seem possible.

    You guys really did a lot!

    1. Ann, We flew into Zadar with Ryanair. I think it’s cheaper than getting further south, but then you’ll have to drive or find transport to get you to Dubrovnik or wherever you’re going. It’s a beautiful country!

  5. Beautiful photos! Love the how warning sign (is that what it is?!?), very surreal! Looking forward to finding out more about your time in Croatia :)

      1. Funnily I have been to Croatia a number of times from Australia as I fell in love with it when I did my first European trip as an adult when I was 23. I had seen these signs before but just thought Id never see a wild pig roaming the streets as it just doesn’t seem like the landscape to see something like this. However after clubbing one night and returning to the island of Murter from the town Vodice near Sibenik(both places a must visit by the way if you ever visit again) we nearly hit a huge wild pig and its little cub as we turned the corner on the windy road to Murter. It freaked me out as I never knew wild pigs were so pig and I was so glad to have actually finally seen one – the parent was the size of a small cow- it was huge.

  6. Seems like you had a good time, can’t wait to read full articles. Funny some pictures reminded me of some cities in the south of France… beautiful country by the look of your pictures, never knew… thanks for sharing

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