Indulging at Voodoo Donuts

Voodoo Portland!

Voodoo Portland!

One weekend we drove down to Portland to visit some relatives and do some shopping since there is no sales tax in Oregon.  Well, you just can’t go to Portland and not go to Voodoo donuts.  The directions are simple enough; it’s right downtown.  However, for us it took a couple of turns around the block to find it.  Why?  Because it’s so small.  There is only a small sign noting its existence, but then again, there was a huge line of people waiting to get in.

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The voodoo doll donut, chocolate on the outside and raspberry jam on the inside.  A must have!

The voodoo doll donut, chocolate on the outside and raspberry jam on the inside. A must have!

Ok, so I knew it was a donut place, so I’m envisioning a sort of Starbucksy-like interior with comfortable seating, coffee, and yes, donuts.  Um, no.  It’s just donuts.  Walking up to the door to find out that the wait was at least 15 minutes, I was surprised.  The interior area was too small to accommodate more than say 10 people, so most of the line was outside. 

When we finally were able to walk through the door, we noticed it was basically a big warehouse, with many carts filled with donuts.  There was one display case that showed you examples of what you could have, one blackboard menu that listed the items, and there were some paper menus as well. 

It was a little overwhelming to say the least.  Everything sounded unique, but is unique really what you want in a donut?  Turns out it is.  We tried some of the favorites, the Butterfinger, the voodoo donut, the Fruit Loops, and the maple bacon bar.  All were delicious.  I can see why they remain so popular.  Even though the donuts were good, I’m still not sure I would get married there.

Check out their website and see what they offer.  It was definitely worth a stop to see one of Portland’s icons.

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