Indie Travel Challenge Week 5 – Asia, oh Asia!


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The Indie Travel Challenge week 5 prompt was, “If you’ve never been to Asia, tell us about your dream trip in the region. Would you rather find your own paradise among the Thai Islands, or shop for crazy Harajuku fashion in Japan? Are the uncrowded temples of Burma calling you, or are you dreaming of a visit to China’s Great Wall?”

About four years ago, I moved from South Korea to Turkey, and lately I’ve been missing Asia.  It could be because my daughter just recently moved to Japan, or that I just miss Pad Thai (roadside style).  Either way, it’s been on my mind quite a bit.

Where would I like to go?  Well, I keep lamenting the fact that I never made it to Borobudur, or Borneo, or Bagan.  In fact there’s quite a few places that I didn’t get to that start with other letters, too!

Do I miss the humid, sweaty equatorial heat?  No.  Do I miss that cursed Matahari (sun)? NO!  I’m kind of a cool to cold weather girl, having lived in Alaska for a good period of my life.  But, I wouldn’t mind a little thawing out this winter.  It’s hovered just under freezing here in Ankara for the last few weeks, with lots of snow.  It’s pretty, and getting snow days off of work is nice…but hey how about a beach massage?  Just saying….

This is me on one of our last Asian trips, to Palawan in the Philippines.  We had this beach completely to ourselves.  I had to play with the crabs when the waiter wasn’t fixing my drink or positioning the umbrella.  Come on, let’s go!  I’ll make all the arrangements….if you just foot the bill!

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