Who Travels to Iceland? Trucks, Campers, and Overlanders Rule the Road!

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Trucks and Campers Traversing Iceland’s Roads


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I wrote this as I marveled at the people, the ceremony, of loading a ferry bound for Iceland and the Faroe Islands.  The itinerary told us to queue up about 9:00 AM for our 11:30 sailing.  We were, at once, gestured to join the quickly lengthening line of trucks, cars, campers, and overlanders in a sandy lot.  I had to get out of the cars and see who exactly is drawn to this type of travel.



I saw vehicles from all over western Europe: Denmark, Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and many from Germany.  There was one huge overlander (a monstrosity of a vehicle with tires about four feet high and a metal case for a trailer) with a world map posted on one side.  This guy had driven from Queensland to Indonesia, Thailand, China, some of the Stans, on into Europe and across and was now taking the boat to Iceland.  Wow!  



We almost ran into the one other group I could identify from the U.S.  A small group of three, they were driving a kit car with a poster reading, “The Longest Auto Race World Tour 2014” or some such thing.  The one guy that seemed to speak the loudest had a voice that sounded so familiar, but upon looking them up later I found no connection to him.  They were mobbed, so I passed them by hoping for another chance before the end of our short two day voyage.



In another post I’ll tell you all about the ferry, but for now I wanted to concentrate on these adventurers with massive trucks, the four-wheelers, the campers, and world travelers. The trucks were equipped with everything you need.  I love this one (above) with the mounts for his fishing poles!  Throughout our Iceland road trip we ran into the most decked out campers with the biggest tires I’ve ever seen!  And I used to live in Alaska, where everything is big!


Many of the vehicles were brought on board the ferry, being owned by these adventurers.  However, Iceland knows they have a good thing, and there are many companies that will rent you some whopping vehicles.  You can rent everything from this truck with over-the-hood camper or you can rent some of these four-wheelers with tires taller than you.  Go for it!  Iceland is fun and four-wheeling is only one of the adventurous things to do there!

Have you been to Iceland?  Want to go four-wheeling?

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  1. Really interesting. Every other photo I have seen of Iceland is nature and peaceful. Although I have seen some swimming ones that looked a bit crowded, it was nothing like this queue

  2. I have never been to Iceland but I have loved off-roading ever since I moved to Reno in 1982! Those are some monster trucks (and I don’t mean the arena types) to do some serious head off into in the hills and go camping. That would be such a blast. Good post, Corinne 🙂

  3. I guess I never thought that people would ferry their monster trucks to Iceland. Amazing! I can’t wait to read the blog about the ferry ride! Great post Corinne!

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