Hong Kong at Night

Hong Kong at Night

There’s not many cities that evoke more of a sense of exoticism and excitement than Hong Kong.  With its link to the British Commonwealth and China, it is such a mixed bag of traditions, food, and people.  You can’t help but be enamored with its uniqueness.

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I’ve written about Hong Kong before, such as the time a taxi tried to take me out and the fun we had trying to buy some good luck at the wishing tree, but I haven’t told you about the hustle, bustle, and pure fun that is Hong Kong.

From museums to night markets, great restaurants, and friendly people you just can’t go wrong in this city.  What we enjoyed the most was just getting around the city.  Yes, we rode the rides in Hong Kong Disney, but the tram, the gondola to Victoria Peak, the Star ferry, and the buses….these were the highlights.

It was so fun to first try and figure out how to get someplace, then actually try to do it.  I don’t know why.  One of our most fun little jaunts was on a double-decker bus careening through the narrow, winding streets with a TV blaring out old Bugs Bunny cartoons.  Seriously, it should have been one of the park rides, it was that scary-fun!

Have you ever been to Hong Kong?  What were your favorite things to do?  Did you enjoy the public transportation?  Any hints?  Tell us about them in the comment section!



  1. We love the energy of Hong Kong! And everyone has to take the Star Ferry… When it got a little too busy for us, we headed over to Lantau Island for some hiking – it’s quieter over there, with some great parks…

  2. I’ve never been yet but definitely sign me up for tram ride, Corinne! I love how you described it as exotic and I would of course be interested in the food 🙂 Bugs Bunny cartoons playing on the tv of a Mr Toad’s Wild ride double-decker bus LOL! If they played the Road Runner/Wiley E Coyote theme song I would ride on it hee hee 🙂

  3. Hi Corinne,

    I must admit that I’ve never been to Hong Kong, as of yet. It does sound like an exciting and vibrant place although I hear horror stories as to how pricey it can be?

    I love the idea of all these novelty rides. I honestly never knew they existed in HK.

    1. Rachel, I think Hong Kong is definitely one of the most exciting Asian cities you can visit. It’s wonderful, too, with all the British influence, everyone speaks English.

  4. Hong Kong still remains on my bucket list, although hubby has been. I lead a group of 5-6 year old girl guides and one of them just got back from Hong Kong with her family and told the group all about it on Thursday. Unlike your exciting night shot, she talked of Disneyland.

    1. Jessica, It was. It was. And I just can’t stress enough how funny and weirdly exciting it was to careen all over the winding streets in this bus. It felt like a Harry Potter ride!

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