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Hungary in February is cold, cold, cold; but we still loved the warmth to be found there!

It's "H" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

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Budapest, Budapest, Budapest!  It is all the rave; it’s on everyone’s tongues!  I just had to get there!  So, what do we do?  We bought a cheap-o ticket and took off for the weekend.  Oh!  Did I tell you this was in February?  Cold.  It was cold!

Surprisingly, it was a fantastic time to visit the city.  There were no lines, no tourists.  We could walk along the river, through the town center, up the hill to the castle.  We could stay outside for a good 30 minutes before we were forced indoors.  Inside, where the windows were all fogged up, people’s cheeks were rosy, and the hot chocolate was ambrosia!

We met up with a former student that both Jim and I had.  Kinsco came to me as a Kindergartner, then moved on to Jim’s first grade.  She and her family were living back in Hungary, their home country.  Her Mom and Dad drove us all around the city and took us places that we wouldn’t necessarily have gone without them.

One thing Budapest is known for is their water, their healing water.  Not only can you swim in it at spas like the Széchenyi Baths, but you can stop in these little park-side kiosks and buy a big mug of it to drink up.  It cures…well, everything!  We bought one mug to share, a tiny sip is all I imbibed.  That was enough.  It smelled like rotten eggs, and the attendant warned us that you have to build up to the whole mug otherwise you might have some adverse reactions.  I believed her!

Kinsco and her parents also took us to dinner at a fish restaurant that served up a traditional carp soup.  It was delivered on the table in a huge pot, with big chunks of carp floating in the red broth.  It was spicy, warm, and delicious, and when we’d finished that pot the waiter offered to bring us more!

We spent a lot of time warming up in Budapest, but we loved every minute of it!

Have you been to Budapest?  Is it on your list?  Can I come along?  I need to get there again!


It's "H" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge


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  1. I’ve not been, but a friend has and loved it – it’s definitely on my list. Ok, you can come along! I’m sure we’d have a lot of tales to swap over a beer.

    PS Maybe not February though!

  2. Budapest is stacked with history just like many other European cities. As you stated, walking along the riverfront, through the town center or climbing the hill to the castle all sound like awesome things to do in Hungary!

  3. You’ve done some amazingly exotic travel. Are you ever home, lol? Speaking of that, where is home for you that you’re able to pop over to Budapest for the wkend? We’ve enjoyed some off season travel also, it’s cheaper and without the crowds you can do more.

  4. I personally love to visit cities in the cold. There are less people, things are cheaper, it’s not so hot exploring the sights, and it’s my favorite thing to stop in little shops or cafes for something hot to drink! I’ve also heard Budapest has great healing baths so it seems like February might be a perfect time to go 🙂

  5. The spas of Budapest are really unique attractions. Not many cities have natural hot springs.
    Some of those baths in Budapest are historic attractions – like the Turkish baths…
    I never tried, though.

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