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Guide to Public Transportation in Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan but all of the public transportation is stressing you out? Stress no more! We’ve got you. After living in Japan for five years, we have a full guide to Japanese public transportation. It’s everything you wanted to know and more!

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Show Notes

06:20 – Should you rent a car in Japan?

08:45 – What is a Pasmo or Suica Card and How to Get One

11:00 – What is the JR Rail Pass and do you Need One?

13:15 – Making Reservations for Train Travel

16:00 – Luggage on the Shinkansen and Other Trains

18:45 – Using the Black Cat service to move your luggage

24:30 – General Rules and Etiquette on Japanese Public Transport

31:50 – Getting on the train, and where do you line up?

40:15 – Using Google Maps for Getting Around Tokyo

46:30 – Taking the Bus in Japan

51:00 – Riding ferries in Japan

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