Good Luck Prayers in Taiwan

I love a temple!

Good Luck Taiwan

As soon as we landed in Taiwan, we headed downtown Taipei and as we always do went straight for the night market. This temple was right on the corner. I couldn’t believe how many people were there, doing prostrations, making wishes, praying. It was right busy!

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Some day, I need to have someone take me into the temple and really explain how things are done. I try to stay out of people’s way, but there are a lot of walking in rounds, moving from here to there, and bowing. I hope I’m not getting in their way. That’s when I feel like an intruder, an outsider. As a traveler, I want to be an observer, but primarily a silent, unobtrusive one.

The closest things I’ve done to explain the rituals were in Japan I was able to go to a Buddhist temple and a Shinto Shrine where the priests explained the history of the religion in Japan, as well as explaining how a ceremony goes. In Korea, I did a temple stay with some explanation, and also I stumbled upon a Shamanism ceremony once which was fascinating, but I had no idea what was going on, and it lasted for hours!  I gave up after maybe two or so.

Have you found tours or someone to tell you about the different religions and their rituals?


  1. I love a temple too! However, I’m also mystified about what goes on. I remember chim (?) sticks in, I think, Hong Kong, where people were shaking boxes with sticks in and the message on whichever stick fell out was for them. A bit like religious fortune cookies? I hope that’s not sacrilegious though.

  2. I think most people would love to explain how they do things and why they do what they do. And you really can learn a lot through watching. Regardless, I believe folks around the world are “praying” for basically the same things, wealth, happiness and good health.

    1. Lani, I agree with you 100% that people want and pray for the same things the world over. What’s fascinating to me is how they go about it. I’m all about thoughts and processes, getting a glimpse into others’ worlds. I just love it.

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