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Kawaii Monster Cafe Tokyo

Kawaii Monster Cafe Tokyo

Visiting the Kawaii Monster Cafe is must for kids of all ages, 2 – 99. Located in Harajuku’s pop culture neighborhood, you will love it.

Lunch at the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo

Tokyo is well-known for its eclectic eateries and cafés. We make an effort to try a new one each time we go into the city. It’s one of the reasons we’ve loved traveling around Japan. Just like the animal cafés and the themed restaurants, like the Kawaii Monster Café, we could just not wait to visit the  Pokemon Café right next to the Pokemon Center. Popular Japanese restaurants can get filled up pretty quickly, and we were afraid we wouldn’t get in. As it turns out, we were lucky and all we had to do was wait for 45 minutes, perfect time to go Pokemon shopping across the hall.

Best Themed Restaurants – Tokyo, Japan

Themed Restaurants in Japan

Japan knows how to eat…in some pretty cool surroundings. One of my favorite things about Japan is the themed restaurants, like the Kawaii Monster Café or the Pokemon Café. They have something for your inner nerd. Vampires, Ninjas, Anime, Video Games, Robots, Fishing, Haunted Houses, Sumo, and so much more! So many adventures!  I haven’t been to all of them yet, but I am making a go of it… one dinner at a time.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Hofbrauhaus in Munich


If you are visiting Germany, and even if you are not a beer drinker, you need to go to the Hofbräuhaus Munich. Outside of Oktoberfest season, it is probably the number one destination for tourists from all around the world. This large, loud, and bustling beer hall is open every day of the year and it is almost always packed. Here you get to do what we think you should do in Germany: drink great beer, eat delicious food, sing loudly, and clank large beer mugs together in friendship. [toc] 1. The Hofbrauhaus is Not Just for Tourists There is absolutely no doubt that at whatever time you enter the Hofbräuhaus, you will find tourists. Lots of them. The beer hall can seat 1300 …

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Old Milwaukee Cafe & Dessert Co. Restaurant Review

Old Milwaukee Dessert and Cafe

Old Milwaukee Cafe and Dessert Company is located in downtown Tacoma, Washington. Go there for the amazing breakfast options. You won’t be disappointed–unless you can’t get a seat. If you ever watched Seinfeld and the “Soup Nazi” episodes, you could have a similar experience, but only for breakfast.  The very small cafe (8 tables) is run by a couple of Washingtonians.  Pat runs the dining room, taking orders and keeping track of who is waiting outside.  She can be a little grumpy!  There are rules in this restaurant, and if you break them she’ll tell you about it.  She’s not mean, but she’s not overly warm either. The hotcakes and coffee are, though. Pat’s husband, Chad, is the cook and …

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Where’s the beef? Cattleman’s Steakhouse OKC

Exterior of Cattlemens Restaurant

Just loving our time in Oklahoma City, we had to eat in one of the oldest, best restaurants in town, the Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. In every western town in the U.S. where there’s cows, there’s steak. So we drove around the corner, on the main artery through town, and  there it was…the famous Cattlemen’s Steakhouse!  There’s no mistaking where it is at 8:00 on a weekday morning, because in this part of town there are not even parked cars anywhere except for in front this 1950’s storefront. Upon entering, it’s typical decor for a watering hole that’s been around since the turn of the century.  A short bar winding it’s way down one full wall with booths lined up opposite, with …

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The Best Restaurant in the Cutest Town, Velinko Tarnovo

Bulgaria is full of quaint little charasmatic towns and Velinko Turnovo might just be the cutest.  As we drove in, we stopped to talk to a shepherd with a small goat flock.  He was right on the edge of town, and as we chatted with him, we could also view the huge and picturesque fortress that dominates the town. According to the guide books there was supposed to be a bazaar left over from Ottoman times that still have a few stalls.  A bazaar it wasn’t.  It was a chic little street that had some woodworkers, one crochety coppersmith, and a lot of boutique shops to attract the tourists.  It was cute and comfortable to walk through, but since we …

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