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We love trying those country-specific conic dishes from around the world. We research it, learn to make it, then share the recipes with you.

Mongolian Food – Khuushuur Recipe

Mongolia Food Khuushuur Recipe.

Mongolian food is largely meat and dairy products, but we found some great ones to try. Our favorite was the fried dumpling, Khuushuur. We’ve included a recipe. Click here to learn more.

The Fabulous Eggplant!

The Turks use eggplant (patlican) in such a variety of dishes from mezzes (appetizers) to the main course, it’s a rare meal out that I don’t order it.

My First Love – Traditional German Schnitzel Recipe!

Traditional German Schnitzel Recipe.

If you’ve never been to Germany or Austria you may not be familiar with this meat dish. While it’s true schnitzel probably originated in Austria, we’ve come to look at some schnitzel as being a traditional German dish. German schnitzel is usually made with pork as opposed to the veal typically used in Austria. Also, schnitzel in Germany is much more likely to be served with some topping or sauce. Regardless, traditional German schnitzel is definitely on our must try foods list for Germany. It is a flat, breaded and fried slice of pure goodness, one of my favorite foods in the entire world. When I’m tired, worn out, sick of the usual work grind and I want a home-cooked, …

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A Savory Spanish Tortilla Recipe

A Savory Spanish Tortilla Recipe.

Traveling around Spain, I love to eat tapas and small dishes instead of a big meal, especially since it is so hot.  I love the culture of sitting and sipping a sangria or glass of red wine while sampling all kinds of foods in the evening and on into the night. One of my all-time favorites is a Spanish Tortilla or Tortilla Española, a thick potato-filled egg omelet that can be enjoyed anytime, morning, noon or night. When we were traveling through Córdoba, we had to try it at Bar Santos next to the Mezquita. Since it’s a small shop with only a few seats, most people get their tortilla to go, and that’s what we did. We took our flimsy …

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