Traveling equals eating! That’s why I try to collect international recipes to enjoy once we get home and share with you!

When we travel, we often plan our day, and sometimes our whole trip, around what we are going to eat.  It is that important to us.

Food from Around the World (and Recipes)

Here is a list of some of the recipes we have. Please give them a try and click a star rating when done. Enjoy!

Dutch Pancake
White Asparagus
Schnitzel Toppings
Chicken and Leek Pie
Mauritian Chicken Curry

An Amazing Azores Food Guide

Not sure what to eat in the Azores? Then read this comprehensive, local’s guide to traditional Azores food. it’s filled with secret tips on the best Azores food to eat during your next trip.

Japanese Street Food

Ingredients for Takoyaki

  Taiyaki, Yakisoba, and Okonomiyaki…oh my! Usually the best street food is found in festivals, and this is true as well in Japan.  However, there are some districts in Tokyo that always have that festival feel and the best street food can be found there any day of the week.  All of the snacks I mention here were had in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. Taiyaki These little fish-shaped cakes look so yummy, and they are if you love red bean paste. Some have been known to be filled with a custard, but I don’t know the difference or how to ask for the custard, so I just pass them by. Azuki, or red bean paste, is not my favorite flavor. These little cakes are so …

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