Traveling equals eating! That’s why I try to collect international recipes to enjoy once we get home and share with you!

When we travel, we often plan our day, and sometimes our whole trip, around what we are going to eat.  It is that important to us.

Food from Around the World (and Recipes)

Here is a list of some of the recipes we have. Please give them a try and click a star rating when done. Enjoy!

Dutch Pancake
White Asparagus
Schnitzel Toppings
Chicken and Leek Pie
Mauritian Chicken Curry

The Fabulous Eggplant!

The Turks use eggplant (patlican) in such a variety of dishes from mezzes (appetizers) to the main course, it’s a rare meal out that I don’t order it.

Making Ramen at the Cup Noodles Museum – Yokohama

Making Your Own Cup of Noodles Japan

Traveling around Japan, we find we spend a lot of time eating, planning what we are going to eat, learning about local foods, and well, eating some more. Planning this trip, we all knew that we wanted to learn more about that iconic Japanese food – Ramen! Luckily, just a few minutes from Tokyo station by train, you can not only learn about these famous instant noodles but make them at the Cup Noodles Museum.  Then, when we’ve spent the morning learning about the commercial product, we can head over and have some of the best ramen in the country at the Ramen Museum. So many noodles, so little time. Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama There are arguably not many …

Making Ramen at the Cup Noodles Museum – Yokohama Read More »

101 Japanese Kit Kat Candy Bars – A Taste Challenge

101 Japanese Kit Kat Candy Bars - A Taste Challenge

Kit Kat candy bars; everybody has had one, right? These chocolate-covered wafers will tickle anyone’s sweet tooth, but in Japan they have taken Kit Kats to a whole new level. Ten years ago, the Japanese began to expand on the traditional Kit Kat bar and opened up a whole new era of tastes. To begin with, in the mid-1990s, they tried out a bitter chocolate, and by the end of the 90s they had added strawberry to the mix. These new Japanese Kit Kat flavors were a hit, and after that they came up with new flavors every year. Japanese Kit Kat Flavors That Will Surprise You For the first few years the Japanese Kit Kat flavors stayed rather predictable …

101 Japanese Kit Kat Candy Bars – A Taste Challenge Read More »

What to Eat in Japan Food Guide

All The Incredible Food We Ate in Japan

Tantalize your tastebuds with this incredibly delicious Japan food guide! It will show you exactly what to eat in Japan, will introduce you to Japan’s most popular food, and will give you fantastic insights into must eat food in Japan.

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