Traveling for food is such an important aspect for learning about a culture. Not only do we try to find the best local food to try, we look into the history, and we bring home a recipe or two.

Kawaii Monster Cafe Tokyo

Kawaii Monster Cafe Tokyo

Visiting the Kawaii Monster Cafe is must for kids of all ages, 2 – 99. Located in Harajuku’s pop culture neighborhood, you will love it.

Traditional Bulgarian Food Guide & 5 Dishes You Must Try

This photo of the Bulgarian Food Guide shows 4 photos of traditional dishes: yogurt, french fries with cheese, shopska salad, and bean soup.

I really didn’t know what to expect as far as Bulgarian food goes. Maybe a cross between borscht, gyros, and kofte. To be honest, even though I was looking forward to trying it, I really didn’t have high expectations. After living in Turkey, where the food is never, ever bad, I just didn’t think Bulgarian food would rate. Boy, was I wrong. It was amazingly delicious. What we didn’t expect was the proclivity towards yogurt and cheese! After having visited Bulgaria twice now, I rate their food pretty high up on the list of reasons to go. How could I not, I love all the things they do–cheese, meat, and yogurt. We’ve listed all the foods we loved during our …

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12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm… Pork for Every Month Recipes

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm... Pork for Every Month Recipes

It’s All About the Pork Schnitzel Sauce! Since living in Germany, I have discovered that my Mom’s version of Wiener Schnitzel just doesn’t exist in the real world. Seriously, I have no idea where she learned or made up that recipe, but there are so many variations on this delicious dish and yet hers is not one of them. Naturally, schnitzel is on our list of foods you must eat when visiting Germany. You see, making the schnitzel is one thing; it’s pretty straight forward. Measure, cut, pound, fry, and serve, but the magic happens when you start developing the schnitzel toppings or better yet, fillings, for these amazing pork dishes. We’ve come up with 12 ways to serve schnitzel …

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My First Love – Traditional German Schnitzel Recipe!

Traditional German Schnitzel Recipe

If you’ve never been to Germany or Austria you may not be familiar with this meat dish. Traditional German schnitzel is definitely on our must try foods list for Germany. It is a flat, breaded and fried slice of pure goodness, one of my favorite foods in the entire world. When I’m tired, worn out, sick of the usual work grind and I want a home-cooked, feel good meal, I always want schnitzel. About once a year, my mother used to make her version of Wiener Schnitzel, found no where in the entire world except her kitchen, and it became one of those meals that just feels like a hug from her. It’s that good! Since moving to Germany, we …

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Mongolian Food – Khuushuur Recipe

A bit travel weary and dirty since we hadn’t had a shower in three days, our adventure was still in its early stages when we learned a couple important lessons. What is traditional Mongolian food, and what is khuushuur? We had been in Mongolia for about three days, and we had hired a Russian van and driver to take six of us around the country, hitting the all the major sights.  We were excited, and maybe a bit naive to what this would mean.  We didn’t even take the hint when Jack, our driver, made a supermarket stop on the edge of Ulaanbaatar right at the beginning of our nine day journey.  None of us really stocked up on much, …

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Traditional Turkish Borek Recipe

Turkish borek is one of the many comfort foods you will find in Turkey. There are many different kinds, but they are all delicious. Click here to learn how to make it with our traditional borek recipe.

Turkish Food – Bulgur – A Tasty Side Dish!

Bulgur When I lived in Turkey before, your main course was always accompanied by white rice with pine nuts (pilav – pronounced “pilau”). Nowadays, due to increased prices, white rice is often not available. What the Turks have done instead is substitute it with bulgur pilav, which is not rice at all, but cracked wheat. It is prepared with a tomato sauce and has become one of my favorite parts of the meal. Unfortunately, as in many Asian countries, the bulgur is not always served warm. It’s still tasty cold, but no where’s near so as when served straight off the range. It is extremely healthy, and even more so without any meat in it.  We went to a friend’s …

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Turkish Food – Kunefe

Kunefe is a desert that is made from shredded yufka sandwiching, a stringy cheese such as kaşar, cooked in a pan over a flame, then served with a sugary water. In Ankara there are plenty of restaurants that offer this delicacy, but other than it being heated up on a flame, I’ve never seen its preparation.  In Şanliurfa, we were walking down the street and saw this quaint, onion shaped ceilinged café that only serves kunefe. As we walked by, we watched as the man shredded the yufka and added the cheese.  We hadn’t had dinner yet, but I assured him we would be back to try it. After a dinner of Urfa Kebab (a spicy meatball), we walked back …

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