Following My Dreams, Not Yours!

Follow Your Own Dream - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Travel is my passion. It’s not my only passion; I think I’m a pretty passionate person overall. I’m one of those folks that throws themselves into a task I really want to do, and I really love just about everything to do with travel. So when I speak to people I work with ,or other friends and acquaintances, I usually am pretty enthusiastic about where we’ve been and where we are going. People are always asking to travel with us. Always. Does this happen to you?

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The problem is, travel is really an individual thing. Not that you have to do it by yourself, but how you do it is completely different from one person to another. Travel is just living, but living in a place that you are not used to, a place that you are out of your comfort zone. Folks handle this in a variety of ways, and everyone has their particular likes and dislikes, or limitations.

For an easy example, Jim and I eat anything and everything that is offered to us. Everything. We have eaten everything from fermented mare’s milk passed around in a bowl that everyone took drinks from to grilled beef intestines with a side of silk worm. We don’t just turn it down, we want to try it. We hope locals will offer us something to try. We love that part. So, you can imagine any dietary issue that someone has, whether it be philosophical or physical makes it hard for us to travel with them. It’s limiting, but not only that, those folks shouldn’t want to travel with us either, since we have no limits.

Another example is just as critical to having a great time. Sleep. I love to sleep, but I do like to wake up early. Sometimes we get up and go out for the sunrise before returning to the hotel or going out for breakfast, and sometimes we just like to be there when breakfast starts so we can get out and do things. Then again, by late afternoon, I’m pretty finished. I have no intention of going out partying, and I want to go to bed soon after a nice long leisurely dinner. Therefore, my accommodations really don’t have to be anything too spectacular. Just like everyone, I like to be comfortable, but not pampered.

Pampering costs too much. I want to spend my money going places, doing things, eating great food…not sleeping. I can sleep almost anywhere. In India we stayed in “three star” hotels. Most were just fine, but a couple were even pushing my limits. They had buckets in the shower because the water supply was so inconsistent. But overall, we don’t mind staying in a spartan place, with few amenities, as long as it’s clean, has a private bathroom, and has wifi…the rest is gravy. Again, this separates me from all of those people that feel a vacation is a time to be pampered and want to stay in a minimum of a four-star hotel, complete with pool, spa treatments, and whatever else. Hey, I like those things, too, but not for every night. In fact not for most nights.

Now, don’t go thinking that I am a cheapskate. I don’t skimp on some things…like food. Jim and I will pay a pretty penny for a good meal. Again, not every day, but this is something we love so we don’t mind paying for it.

The bottom line is the way I travel is different from the way you travel, and like the quote says. This is my dream, you can follow yours any way you like!

What is your dream?  Tell us in the comments!


Follow Your Own Dream - Weekend Travel Inspiration

























































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  1. We all have different travelling styles, and like you food is important to us. I am a very early riser whether I am traveling or not, whereas Gordon will sleep in longer when we are at home. The compromise when we travel is that he gets up early but we always stay centrally so he can come back for a regroup in the afternoon, before we start again. For us a central location is imperative for lots of reasons. We can walk anywhere or at least be close to transport, and as said before, we can go back and regroup when it suits us.

    1. Paula, We usually try to stay centrally as well, so we can have a beer or wine for dinner. We don’t like to have to take taxis or risk driving, or worse, get lost!

    1. Rhonda, That’s a great line. I’ll keep thinking about it all day and figuring out who is cheap where! Love it. You are visiting family soon, right? Enjoy!

  2. Nice post, I agree – even within a family we have different travel styles, I’m not a morning person but when travelling I wake up to walk around the area before the rest of the crew is up. You are so right it is hard to accommodate the different styles of travelling, eating, choices of things to do etc, we rarely travel with others for that reason. We should follow our travel dreams!

  3. You’re so right Corinne, travel is a different experience for everyone. Whoever you travel with, be it your life partner, friend, family member or a complete stranger (not really!), you need to have common interests and be willing and able to do similar things. In my experience, travelling with a friend is VERY different to travelling with your husband, which is refreshing. So long as you know this ahead of the trip, you’re fine … you don’t want to find that you have very different expectations or preferences when you’ve already reached your destination!

    1. Lyndall, Exactly, and I still travel with people who may not travel the way I do in certain circumstances. When I do, I usually just go with the flow and don’t take control and much as that is hard for me!

  4. Hi Corinne,
    Yes, people have asked to travel with us. Then we tell them what the travel entails – the crazy adventures, etc. Then they said , “Oops, that’s not up our alley.” But we’re also fortunate to have travel buddies who are on the same travel wavelength as we do and it’s always a blast being on the road with them. Thanks for the lovely post and link up.

  5. I am glad I am not the only person who thinks travel is personal. In my case, I have a full time job. Therefore, my time to travel and explore is precious. I want to use that time to see things that really interest me and to see those things in my own way. It will hurt to use that time waiting for people or going to places I do not really want to go. It has happened to me and it has consumed me inside. I am very blessed to have a husband that likes to travel in the same way I do. There are some differences in tastes but he is pretty much my perfect travel companion.

  6. I find my style of travel has evolved and will continue to do so. My husband and I used to not worry much about the hotel as long as it was basically Ok and central. Traveling as a family where we stay is more of a temporary home. We don’t want to eat every meal out, when my daughter was younger there were naps to consider; we’re more likely to spend an evening “in” playing cards or watching a movie together before bed. We like to be able to break up sight seeing with a swim. So we think more about where we stay than we used to and will pay more for amenities we used to not worry about. I’m sure this will continue to evolve as we get older, too. The important thing is to know what you like and what works for you.

    1. Eileen, I’m sure it will. We don’t worry as much about a pool anymore, because relaxing for us is sitting on the veranda with a cold beer now that the kids are grown!

  7. I really loved reading this post. You’re right, we are all unique and we all travel in the way that suits ourselves, in the way that we feel good. I have to tell you though that we would be a good travel team as my partner and I have no limits when it comes to trying food, we don’t really care much about where we sleep (it’s all an experience) and we love to wake up early to start the day 🙂 But it would be very boring and monotonous if everybody would have the same dream and do the same thing. I love how various, creative and different dreams can be. That makes it so interesting to read other blogs and stories!

  8. We all travel differently indeed. But I’m okay if I’m alone or if some people want to go with me. It’s all about compromising.

    I am not a luxurious traveler and to be honest, I haven’t gone somewhere that can be considered luxurious. I have a friend though who wouldn’t compromise her comfort hence she’d rather travel alone or with people who have money. I do not take it against her. To each his own.

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