Fishing Boats in Malta

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Fishing Boats in Malta


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Marsaxlokk fishing boats

We recently came back from a short jaunt to the island nation of Malta. We stayed in a small fishing village called Marsaxlokk. The harbor was filled with these colorful fishing boats, called luzzu.

As you can see, on the prow of the boat they have painted in an eye on either side. These are said to be a tradition held over from when the Phoenicians first colonized the island over 3000 years ago. The eye of Osiris is supposed to protect the sailor from any harm. The sailors can be very superstitious and not only the eyes, but also the bright colors they paint the boat with have never changed.

Hopefully, the sailors are safe, and no matter what, the boats are such a pleasant sight to behold.

Have you been to Malta?  Have you seen the luzzu?  What did you think?

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  1. This is really cool stuff… even if you overlook all the tradition and superstitions, (which are quite interesting, though) these colorful boats are really sheer treat for eyes.

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