Fisherman from Cochin, India

I love a fishing scene! It’s in my genes!

Sri Lankan Fisherman

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I’ve always had a draw for the sea and a special place in my heart for fishermen. Many of my ancestors helped settle the eastern coast of Connecticut, and one was even a whaler. Fishing is just in my genes!

Wherever I travel, I try to get to a coast. I’m not really a beach person. Instead, I love to find the harbor and wander among the docks and wharves. I love rusty old fishing boats and the folks who are always working. This man is working on his nets, a never-ending job.

We took this shot in Cochin, India known for their fish. The area around the port is so Indian. It had people doing everything from fishing, to mending, to selling food, to just enjoying a walk. It was great.

Have you been to Cochin?

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