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The Fantastic Flora of Iceland – A Photo Essay

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Iceland’s Plants are Spectacular


It’s hard to believe such beautiful flowers and plants can survive in such a harsh climate, but when we visited we marveled at how beautiful is was!  I don’t know much about plants.  You certainly wouldn’t want to leave yours in my care for long, but I do love viewing them.  Here are some of the gorgeous flowers and greenery we encountered all over Iceland.


If you want to see flowers, you will want to go to Iceland in May, June, July, or August. Yes, that’s when the majority of people visit, but there’s a good reason for it. Summer lets you drive around without getting bogged down. The animals, and especially the Icelandic horses, are out in the pastures, and really even though there are plenty of tourists, it’s not as crowded as anywhere else you might think of going.

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Which is your favorite?



18 thoughts on “The Fantastic Flora of Iceland – A Photo Essay”

  1. Gorgeous! I really like that blue one in the middle in the portrait image and the purple ones above what I think are lavender (?). I’m terrible with naming anything green, but they sure look pretty.

  2. It’s amazing how nature always finds a way! I agree, such beautiful plants aren’t what you would expect to find in Iceland – but what a nice surprise! Love the photos 🙂

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