Elephant Cave Entrance, Bali

The entrance to the Elephant Cave in Bali

Bali Temple

Anyone who has been to Bali knows that there are plenty of beautiful Hindu temples on the island. At least every morning people from all walks of life, from the very young to the very old take offerings to the shrines.

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This photo was taken at Goa Gajah which is otherwise known as the Elephant Temple or Cave. Inside there is a statue of Ganesha. To visit here or any other temple on Bali, you must wear a sarong and follow strict guidelines.

The Balinese seem to be a very contented and happy people, and when you visit their gorgeous island it seeps into you as well.

I love Bali. Have you been? What were your impressions?


  1. Holy smokes! We were just talking about Bali at work earlier tonight, Corinne and Jim! That is spooky in a great way 🙂 A girlfriend of mine has always said that Fiji is her #1 bucket list. Tahiti is my #1-#2 (virtually tied with Germany) so if she ever wanted to go as friends we would have to go to each! But, she never mentioned the Elephant Temple! I’m sending this to her right now 🙂

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