Egyptian Family Wearing Traditional Garb Photo

Eyptian Family Traditional Garb

A typical family out for a stroll.

I just love this shot of a late afternoon in Cairo, and the family is out for a walk in their local marketplace. They are wearing what all Egyptians wear nowadays, traditional garb, so to speak. Dad, the center of the family, wears a traditional styled caftan or jalabiya and a cap, while the older daughters and mother are wearing scarves or hijab, with long dresses that are quite modern. The little girl, however, is too young to have to cover her hair, and she looks like a child from anywhere in the world, wearing her jeans. I always love it when the old mixes with the new, traditional with the contemporary.  Being from a western culture, I revel in all our cultural differences as well as similarities.  It’s why I travel.  Egypt has been one of the most fascinating countries I’ve visited.  From their ancient sites to their breakfasts, the entire country is filled with these cultural juxtapositions.  Have you encountered any?  Where?  Which countries stand out the most for you in this regard?

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