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It's "E" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge


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Growing up in the U.S., we studied the pyramids, King Tut, and all about the ebb and flow of the Nile River.  For a place that I was more than excited about visiting, it sure did take me awhile to get there.

Modern day Egypt is…chaotic, hectic, frenetic, noisy, and downright overwhelming, but boy, is it worth it.  Many people explore this exotic country by taking either a Nile cruise or at least a ride on a felluca, often sailed by a local who knows the river well.

The Nile really is the center of all commerce and existence.  I love how it cuts through the desert of brown in stripes of blue and green.  The very first day we were there, we headed straight to the edge of the river to see the papyrus growing along its banks.

In the city of Aswan, we hired a felluca to take us on a short ride.  Who can resist?  That wintery day, the winds were so strong that he had a difficult time keeping the boat going in the right direction.  He finally called it quits and dropped us off in a Nubian town north of Aswan.  We had to take a taxi back to town, but like much of travel, it was an adventure and we got to see something not on our itinerary.

Have you been to Egypt?  Did you take a ride on the Nile?

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  1. I have a friend whose last name is Felluca. I wonder if he’s of Egyptian descent.

    I haven’t travelled there myself, but it’s on my list!

  2. My husband traveled to Egypt several times when he was growing up. He has all these great photos and wonderful tales of adventures. Sadly, he is not comfortable with the idea of traveling there today, for safety reasons. I would love to go sometime, though!

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  3. Egypt is at the top of my bucket list – alongside Israel and Jordan (I intend to visit all three on the same travels). We had planned to visit all three in 2012, but changed directions due to the political climate at the time. We will get there. Thanks for this post.

  4. I, too, studied about Egypt and the Nile in elementary school, and have often dreamed of seeing it in person. Thank you for your lovely photographs! – Fawn

  5. Egypt is a popular “E”! Having read two posts I have no excuse for not going now – once the political situation looks better though. I am ashamed of my total lack of visits to anywhere on the African continent which ought to be put right. Just not this year!

  6. We went to Egypt a decade ago and really loved it. We’d get food and then go out on a felluca on the Nile and have a lovely dinner (sharing our meal with the ‘drivers’). We watched many a sunset on the Nile – one of my favourite travel memories!

  7. I have never been to Egypt. I had plans to go there a few years back but was afraid to go through because the country was unstable during those times. I had to postpone my trip, is it a good time to visit Egypt again?

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