Easter Island Moais

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Easter Island moais stand guard on the beach in Rapa Nui in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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Easter Island Moai

Thor Heyerdahl traveled to Easter Island, and since we just visited the Kon-tiki museum in Oslo, it really got me thinking once again about this mysterious place. Who were these mysterious people that traveled half way across an ocean in little more than rafts? Why did they carve these incredible, massive stone sculptures? I don’t think many of the questions and m,ysteries that surround Rapa Nui will ever be answered. However, I do know that a visit to this time forgotten island is a life changing experience.

Five hours off the coast of Chile, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a Polynesian people came and carved these moiais out of volcanic stone. It doesn’t take more than a couple of days to really explore the entire island, and along the way, you can see plenty of altared moiais, and the volcanic crater where they had been carved, some still in limbo status. We rented a little old car and drove all over. Then we got out and walked, hiked, and trekked. Up the volcano, along the beaches, and across the open savannah like grasslands. It was beautiful!

What a mysterious and enchanting place. I loved Easter Island. I almost want to go back, but hey it is a long way from anywhere.

Have you been to Easter Island?

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