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Animals of Iceland – A Personal Photo Essay

Icelandic ponies are just some of the animals you can find in Iceland.

As one would expect of such an isolated island situated in the North Atlantic, there is not much wildlife on Iceland. The majority of the wildlife comes from  the sea, and the bird life is prolific as well. Iceland does host a thriving farming community, and the domesticated animals are just as hardy and friendly as the Icelandic people. Shaggy and Wild, Iceland’s Fauna is Spectacular Trying to capture the majesty of the scenery and the beauty of the animals that I came across was nothing less than inspiring. To think that these species have carved an existence, a home from such an unforgiving environment made me think how lucky I am to experience them. The Wild To see these birds and animals, and …

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Driving Iceland

The jeep tackles a narrow dirt track driving in Iceland.

Planning a self-drive in Iceland? Driving around the island on the Ring Road is the best way to see the country. Make us your first stop for what to expect and some basic rules of the road.

Alberta’s Wildlife

Bighorn sheep on the side of the road in Alberta.

What’s better than a road trip? Why one with plenty of animals to gawk at along the roads. Driving through Alberta, Canada, not only were there pristine landscapes, vistas that will take your breath away, but the bonus was all the wonderful wildlife we were able to watch along the way. Kids of all ages, even babies will enjoy a trip through the Canadian Rockies. There’s so many animals to see out of the car window. Driving through places like Mt. Robson and Red Pass of Jasper National Park, then Canmore and Banff, of Banff National Park, you will see a myriad of wildlife from sheep to geese to bears, oh my! If you’ve never seen wild sheep, Alberta is the …

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Basking in the Electric Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Ever since I first heard of the Blue Lagoon and saw photos of its milky blue water I have wanted to go there. I know it’s touristy; I know it’s pricey, but I didn’t care. I was going. And so I did. A Trip To The Blue Lagoon Driving into Grindavík, about an hour outside of Reykjavík,  there are signs at almost every intersection directing you to the Blue Lagoon or Bláa Lónið in Icelandic. Once you get there, you can’t even see the building, just a small information center that has lockers for your luggage. I couldn’t believe how many busloads of tourists were coming straight from the airport. Some were on a layover tour and some just wanted it to be …

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Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Icebergs in Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

One of the prime stops along Iceland’s Ring Road, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, is the place to get close to glacial ice. Ride the amphibious boats out into the lagoon for the best experience.

Geo-thermal Iceland

Visitors to Námafjall walk around sulfur pits, fumeroles, and mud-pots.

Iceland is known as a geothermal powerhouse so visiting some of those otherworldly geological wonders is a must on any visit. Right near the ring road, Námafjall, is a must see attraction.

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