After living in Japan for over six years, we know all the secret and best places to go. We’ve got many articles showing the best this amazing country has to offer.

Visiting the Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple, Kyoto

The Whimsical Otagi Nenbutsu Temple, Kyoto.

“Another temple?!” Everyone groaned. It seemed that if we weren’t eating, we were visiting temples. We loved Kyoto, but we were almost templed out. There are so many to see, all unique, all wonderful. There are just too many. Even I was a little leary that the Otagi wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. How different could it be? It’s one of those things you have to do when traveling around Japan, visit a long list of temples. Even though we were all a little temple-weary, we went, and boy were we glad we did. One word-fun! Visiting the Peaceful Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple The Otagi Nenbutsu Temple is located a little out of the way. We drove to it …

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How to Visit the World-famous Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market

Tuna prepped and ready for the auction at Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan.

Visiting the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market used to be on everyone’s top to do list for Tokyo, in fact in Japan. Unfortunately the market no longer holds tuna auctions. You can still visit the old ramshackle market and shop in the area. It’s still fascinating and well worth a visit. However, if you’re interested in the tuna auctions then you’ll need to make your reservation to attend the auction at the Toyosu Fish Market. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the workings of a real fish auction as the night’s catch are delivered early in the morning to the market, auctioned off to middlemen, then sold in the outer market to either fish shops or restaurants for hundreds of thousands of …

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Staying in a Sleeping Capsule Hotel in Japan

Capsule Hotel Japan.

Traveling around Japan is exotic, full of technology, and just plain fun, but with that fun comes a bit of a price tag. It’s not cheap. While budgeting your trip, make sure to take into consideration your cost for public transportation and of course hotels. There are all kinds of hotels in Japan, something for everyone’s budget and comfort level, but for the cheapest, the smallest, and maybe the best, we think everyone should experience the sleeping capsule hotel. We’ve all heard of them: the legendary capsule hotel. Legendary, indeed! Tiny hotel rooms, no bigger than the underside of a bunk bed, not even tall enough for you to stand in. Nothing more than a Japanese futon mattress, a pillow, …

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Kawasaki Warehouse Arcade – Best Arcade in Japan!

Entrance to Warehouse Amusement Center

Unfortunately, the awesome Kawasaki Warehouse Arcade has permanently closed its doors. There are still some pretty amazing arcades in the Tokyo area but nothing quite like the warehouse. If you’re still looking for a top rated arcade, however, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Taito HEY. The Hirose Entertainment Yard (HEY) can be found in AKihabara, of course. Any visit to Japan would not be complete without a visit to one of their cutting edge, no holds barred, high-tech video arcades. While it’s true you don’t have to look very hard to find an arcade with all of the latest games somewhere near your hotel, if you want to go to the absolute coolest arcade in town, …

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Snow Monkeys in Hot Tubs – Bucket List Japan

Snow Monkeys in Hot Tubs - Bucket List Japan

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated with any type of animal, especially monkeys! So, anytime that I have a chance to see them in the wild, I take it. On our last road trip through Japan, we rented a car and drove over a good portion of the island of Honshu taking in some quirky sights, eating kobe beef, and even making Cup O’ Noodle noodles.  It certainly wasn’t out of the question to visit the bathing snow monkeys and we added to the itinerary. Seriously, snow monkeys in hot tubs! That’s a sight everyone needs to see. Where Are the Snow Monkeys in Japan? The best place to see snow monkeys in hot springs is at the Jugokudani …

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