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Trundling Through Timeless Trogir, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia

 Driving down the Dalmatian coast we had to decide on where to stay in the Split area. We only had two guide books among us, Lonely Planet for the Balkans and a Rick Steve’s; but both of the books made Split out to be too big and overrun with cruisers for our taste. When we got to Trogir, we decided to drive through the town even though Rick suggested to give it a pass. We were enthralled with this beautiful medieval town as soon as we crossed over the first bridge leading to the island and our decision was easily made.

Electric Boat Rentals Bumping Through Giethoorn, Netherlands


  The village of Giethoorn lies on the edge of a large watershed home to many wild animals and prolific birdlife. The village has been around for a few hundred years or so and has a lovely feel with it’s typical Dutch brick houses and narrow canals. The canals provide the streets for the village, so, naturally, everyone owns a boat with their own private canal “driveway.” Of course, you could explore the village on foot, but a boat is the much preferred mode of transportation so why not?

Chobe National Park Safari, Botswana – Swimming Elephants and More!

Chobe swimming Elephants

One of our travel highlights – The Chobe River Cruise! The first real safari we did in southern Africa was at the Chobe National Park in northern Botswana. We had flown in to Livingstone and spent a few days visiting Victoria Falls and other small parks in that area and then taken a ferry across to Botswana where we shuttled to our lodge in Kasane outside of Chobe. The first day in Chobe we were eager to get into the park but wouldn’t pick up our self-drive rental truck until the next day. So we opted for a sunset river cruise, offered through our lodge, with low expectations. We had focused on the words river-cruise and were envisioning long, crowded …

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Best Things to Do in Tunis, Tunisia

The day we arrived in Tunisa for our road trip, it had been raining. However, the clouds had parted over Tunis, and the sun shone warmly on the city. We decided right then that we loved it. We found so many wonderful things to do in Tunis, places to go, great restaurants, that we were glad we had a few days to explore. Things to do in Tunis and Nearby The Bardo National Museum The Medina and Souk North Africa American Cemetery Ruins of Carthage Sidi bou Said The Bardo National Museum The Medina and Souk Ruins of Carthage Sidi Bou Said The contrast of the striking white buildings with the deep azure blue window dressings and ornately decorated doors …

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Trip to Australia

Australia Postcard

“There is something special about seeing a mob of ‘roos bounding over the dry grass, especially at sunset.”  At least this is what we’d been told and we were on a mission to see it for ourselves. We’ve been to Australia a couple of times and seeing the diversity of wildlife was one of the main reasons we wanted to visit to begin with. Now, we just love the country and want to keep going back. If you are planning a trip to Australia, you can perhaps get an idea or two from one of ours. First we visited Queensland, and then second we were in Victoria. No, we’ve never been to Sydney, Uluru, Tasmania, Perth. There’s always next time. …

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36 Hours in Brunei

36 Hours Brunei

How long does it take to see Brunei? Unlike places like Doha or Dubai or even Reykjavik, Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) doesn’t really lend itself as a stopover.  You pretty much have to head there on purpose and it’s probably going to cost you. Traveling around Borneo, it’s hard to pass up a chance to go to the Sultanate of Brunei.  A tiny country, located on the eastern coast of the island, it’s one of the richest countries in the world.  It’s tiny, it’s Muslim, and it’s poverty-free, all compelling reasons to visit.  They’re tag line is, “The Green heart of Borneo.” Unfortunately there just isn’t that much to do for a perpetual tourist like me.  Before booking our Air …

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Rockin’ the Rock…of Gibraltar, That Is!

Rock of Gibraltar

The main attraction is the rock itself on the Rock of Gibraltar! This limestone erratic jutting straight out of the Mediterranean Sea is a strategic and historic piece of land. Nowadays the top of the rock is a Nature Preserve and you have to pay to visit it. There are a couple of ways to get up to the rock and start exploring. You can either take the cable car, take a van tour, or drive yourself. Each one of these modes has its pros and cons, but they are all worth it. As you plan to enter the Nature Reserve, you must pay the ticket for all the sights. Everything situated on the Rock is included as well as …

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7 Things to Do in Gibraltar Other than the Rock!

Gibraltar Top Sights

Gibraltar is one of those side trips from Spain. Why go there? Want to know what the top sights are in Gibraltar?  Looking at the imposing Rock of Gibraltar, jutting out from the Mediterranean Sea, from the Spanish Side you can tell it’s small indeed. Is it worth the long line to enter? The Spanish have long wanted to take Gibraltar back from the British and make it as difficult as they can for visitors to go over for the day. We braved the long queue and found plenty of things to do in Gibraltar.  Some top sights include visiting the caves in the rock,  which is a Nature Reserve that is home to those pesky Barbary Apes. Top things …

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Time-Lapse China

  One of the reasons I think people travel, is to get out of their comfort zone.  There is no place better to do this than China.  I’ve been to China on numerous occasions, and it has never failed to show me something new and exotic.  Very much like the U.S., China is so big that you cannot really get a sense of it unless you travel further than just Beijing.  Like in most capital cities, Beijing is crowded, busy, and used to seeing foreigners.  There is plenty to see and do there, but getting out and meeting the people will make all the difference in a trip. The first time I went to China, I went with my two …

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Time-lapse The Netherlands

We lived in the Netherlands for a little over two years, where  we tried all the things we were supposed to try.  After traveling the country from one end to the other, which isn’t that difficult since it is so small, I think there’s a few things you should try to do when you go.  Needless to say, get out of Amsterdam.  Yes, there is plenty of great things to do there, but there is also so much more to the country than special coffee shops and canals. It is extremely easy to travel anywhere in Holland.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone speaks English.  Even if they tell you they don’t, they do.  The TV. is has many English …

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Driving the Lycian Coast of Turkey

Lycian rock tombs are cut in the cliff face near Demre, Turkey.

A road trip full of historical ruins, pristine beaches, and great food. Driving the Lycian coast of Turkey is one of the best ways to enjoy this amazing country.

What to do on Mongolia Trip

A yak and a ger, a typical scene all over Mongolia.

“Mongolia?” Our colleagues once again looked at us with concern, or maybe it was incredulousness, or maybe just confusion. It’s hard to interpret their faces and words sometimes, but it always basically means, “What are you thinking?”  It didn’t stop us, though, it was planned and we were packed and ready to go to a country that really isn’t on too many people’s list. The trip we were going on was a nine day steppe, Gobi, wilderness road trip in a 7 seat, 15 year old Russian military van. We booked the trip the entire tour with  Bobbi at the UB guesthouse in Ulaan Baator . She was extremely helpful and tailored our trip to our exact requirements. Planning and Booking …

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