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I would have to say that one of the Dutch foods that I love so well is pancakes.  I know, lots of countries do pancakes…but not like the Dutch.  They make a meal out of them–morning, noon, and night.  You can see signs for pancakes everywhere you go in Holland.  They are thinner than the pancakes I’m used to in the U.S., plus they are the size of a medium pizza.  One pancake per person.

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I lived in Zeeloand bei Uden for a little over two years, and I would go to the local branch (yes, it’s a chain) of De Pannekoekenbakker at least once a week.  It’s that good.  The menu consists of a number of savory pancakes as well as fruit pancakes.  Just like pizzas, you can pretty much order it any way you want.  Some of the indgredients you can find are: cheese, ham, bacon, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, salami, rum, apples, pears, strawberries, powder sugar, and stroop.  Stroop is a Dutch syrup similar to molasses.  I’m not a fan.

My favorite is what they call a Farmer’s pancake with a meat ragout on top.  Then for dessert, I can’t help but get the banana with ice cream and cinnamon sugar.  Of course, it’s best to share both of these with someone instead of eating two.

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