Day Trip to Mostar from Dubrovnik

One week was definitely not enough to do Croatia justice, let alone sliding in a day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar. Bosnia and Herzegovina also warrant much more than a day, but it was a taste, a start, a glimpse. We took it!


Day Trip to Mostar

We piled into the car, excited to hit another new country.  Along the way, we couldn’t believe the beautiful views of the mountains and the lush, productive valleys.  At one point there was a stunning overlook that reminded me of my trip to Mardin looking over the Mesopotamian Plain (but much greener).

Day trippin' Bosnia

Driving over the border between Croatia and Bosnia, it became immediately apparent that Bosnia isn’t through suffering from its recent war.  We saw battlescars on many buildings, bullet-holes and buildings in ruin.

Day trippin' Bosnia

Our very first stop, after taking photos at the border sign, was a complete surprise.  It was a cemetery on a hill covered with the most gorgeous violet irises.  Cemeteries are interesting enough, but add to it the number of graves with photos of young men who lost their lived in a terrible war not that many years ago and couple that with a stunning field of wildflowers.  It was pretty touching.

Day trippin' Bosnia

We stopped a few times on the road to Mostar.  The title photo is a small Turkish village that was fun to walk around for a few minutes, and after having lived in Turkey, it really felt like home.  There were many Turkish feeling, sights, and tastes in Mostar as well.

Day trippin' Bosnia

As you walk around there are plenty of stores, I enjoyed the bazaar-y feel that they exuded, the blue eyes, copper, all things I’ve long associated with Turkey.  At one store, there were small wall-hangings for sale.  In Ankara or Istanbul, they would feature Ataturk, but in Mostar, Tito.

Day trippin' Bosnia

Day trippin' Bosnia

We came across a few surprising things, like a puppy tied to the roof of the shops.  All the tourists were taking photos of him, and he was very cute.

Day trippin' Bosnia

We visited the mosque, the market, ate some burek, and enjoyed our first impressions of this small country.

Day trippin' Bosnia Day trippin' Bosnia Day trippin' Bosnia Day trippin' Bosnia Day trippin' Bosnia

Walking around the town we noticed more and more how run-down and poor the city was.  Only by the big tourist spot was it renovated.

Day trippin' Bosnia Day trippin' Bosnia

And yes, we did spend time on the bridge.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mostar bridge was destroyed during the war and rebuilt. It’s an amazing structure and today there are young men who will jump off of it for money.  We didn’t pay, and didn’t see anyone jump, but they were there sitting on the edge waiting to go.

Day trippin' Bosnia

Our first glimpse into this new country was both sobering and hopeful.  The Bosnians are well on their way to recovery, but they have a long way to go still.  We also did a day trip to Montenegro…beautiful and easy drive as well.

Have you been to Bosnia and Herzegovina?  Did you walk across the Mostar Bridge?  What were your impressions?




16 thoughts on “Day Trip to Mostar from Dubrovnik”

  1. Katie Diederichs

    When I die, I think I’d want violet irises to be planted on my grave. They look beautiful.

  2. These are interesting photographs. I can definitely see the similarity with Turkey. Love the man swinging and jumping – he must have been a mini celebrity :) Weird with the puppy on the roof. We saw lots of goats on roofs in Canada and that was a tourist gimmick. Could the puppy possibly have been? Or maybe he likes a view. The outside of the mosque looks attractive and the expression on the stall holders face is a classic. In answer to your question, No we have not been but I think we will be soon.

  3. We did a very similar trip when we were in Croatia. It’s amazing the difference between the two countries. I was really surprised by the Turkish influence in the town. We were lucky to see someone dive off the bridge…not something I would do but fun to watch!

  4. I haven’t been to Bosnia, but I was in the former Yugoslavia in the early 80s. I think I was in what is now Serbia and Montenegro. Wonderful photos here. What is the old man in white doinig, just exercise?

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