Damascus Gate Jerusalem

In and Out of Jerusalem’s Old City

Damascus Gate Jerusalem
The walls around the Old City of Jerusalem are very impressive, standing white and tall in the sun. Jim and I walked the ramparts, and enjoyed looking down on life inside and outside of the walls, and the mix of people that go about their daily business.

I was a little surprised while traveling around Israel, and especially in Jerusalem. Many travelers are still reluctant to go there, because it can be a world hot spot where violence erupts every once in awhile. Jim and I have traveled to many of these places in the past, so we were pretty sure that we would feel safe, and so often we are impressed with how welcoming the people are.  We definitely felt secure and welcomed in Jerusalem.  It was a wonderful city, one of my favorites!

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Have you been to Jerusalem?  Didn’t you just love wandering around the Old City?  We love to hear some of your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Great shot! Loved my wander around this part of the city, bustling with life. Great smells, energy, stalls and history. There really is nowhere in the world like Jerusalem.

    1. Thanks Neil, Jerusalem was one of our favorite stops on the road in Israel. And you could really feel the energy and history of the Old City. We definitely recommend a visit to anyone who hasn’t been yet!

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