Curious Boy Plays with the Incense in Chengdu

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I love watching kids!

Chengdu Incense Burner

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When I visited Chengdu I wandered around this temple, keeping my eye on this little boy for about 30 minutes. He climbed all over it, stuck his hands in it, took out the incense and rearranged the sticks. He wasn’t cleaning it; he was playing with it. Where I come from he would have been in big trouble!

Little boys do not mess with things they are not supposed to, and if his parents didn’t tell him to stop, someone else’s would. Now, he didn’t seem to hurt anything, break anything, or really even bother anyone. He was pretty quiet, making small kid noises as he played, but in the States if a child was fooling around with a religious object, he would be in trouble.

I don’t know which is right, but it was a fascinating glimpse into the Chinese culture, and anyway isn’t he cute?!

Have you been to China? Did you notice any cultural differences in the way children were treated?

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