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Things to do in Chengdu – Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera

I love a good show! Who doesn’t? When I visit a new country, one of my preplanning steps is to see if there is a folklore, dance, concert, really any type of show. Especially in the larger cities, or a popular tourist destination, there is. Some might think it’s a bit cheesy, dorky…I say go! They are always fun, and you get to see a part of the culture that you probably wouldn’t be able to see elsewhere. To be honest, sometimes the show only exists for tourists, but again, that’s okay. On a stopover in China on our way to Tibet, we were looking for things to do in Chengdu and found the Sichuan Opera. This photo is from a Chinese Opera that the girls and I attended in Chengdu.

What is Chinese Opera?

Chinese Opera is a performance art that traces its origins as far back as the Tang dynasty and is now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list of intangibles. The show we watched had everything: traditional music, colorful costumes, a hilarious story, dancing, acrobatics. It was pretty amazing. While we watched enthralled, waitresses brought around pots of tea and poured it into our cups from on high.

We watched the local form of Chinese opera – Sichuan, which highlights face changes. The performers have a way of starting with one mask, and then voila, with a clan of the gong, it’s completely different. I am sure there is plenty of symbolism, history, and tradition that surrounds this art form, but for me, it was just plain magical fun. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

You can learn more about Sichuan Opera by going to the China Travel Guide website.

Practical Information:

  • In Chengdu, the best place to watch the opera is at Shufeng Sichuan Opera House.
  • This Sichuan Opera house is located on Quintai Lu, an ancient-China themed street.
  • Performances occur nightly at 8:00 P.M. and cost approximately $20.00 which includes a massage and ear cleaning.
  • Take the metro to the Tonghuimen Station and then the Quintai Lu exit.
  • We loved the city of Chengdu, and we stayed one of the better Chengdu hotels called the Chengdu Minyoun Central Hotel.

How about you?  Can you be the cheesy tourist, too? Would you got to the Chinese Opera in Chengdu?



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