Chinese Monks

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In the middle of Beijing, the monks proceed to prayer.

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Beijing is a bustling city. People, bicycles, and cars seem to be everywhere. It is always nice to go find a nice quiet temple to relax in, although these monks aren’t very relaxed at all. They are hurrying to prayer. It still felt good to sit and watch them parade by sitting under the shade of a huge, leafy tree.

Where have you found places to relax in the busy cities you visit?


  1. Oh, after my own heart! I find churches to meditate and rest in wherever I go. From Monterrey, CA to Maastricht, Netherlands. I love to stop at churches for reflection and down time, not to mention taking the time to appreciate the beauty and detail of these magnificent buildings that can’t be appreciated in a quick tour. I think of the people who have sat there before me, maybe at their most vulnerable and emotional times. It also gives a sense of the heart of a community. Our hotel was right next to a beautiful and peaceful cathedral in Venice (pretty common:). One of my favorites was in Maastricht, Basilica of our Lady, in the Netherlands. Again, just outside the door of our hotel. England, Italy, oh and a beautiful and magnificent church in Appenzell, Switzerland; NZ; Israel. At Pisa, Italy, we attended a wonderful service. Some of my favorite memories of places are from these magnificent and often overlooked buildings that offer respite from the hustle and bustle when traveling. Love this site, and look forward to exploring more of it.

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