Reflection #550 – Children Playing in Philippines

Traveling through the Philippines we came across these children playing with….?

Children Philippines

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One of best parts of traveling is getting to meet and have interactions with the people in the countries we are visiting. We are not traveling just to see the world, we want to live the world. We love seeing the special places in a country, for example, this shot was taken in Banaue where the famous terraced rice fields are, but it’s the people we remember.

When you go to Banaue, your guide takes you on a hike up and down to some incredible vistas. As we were hiking into the area, we came across these three children. As you can see, they are toting the most impressive knives. All three of them, and the youngest looks like she’s about four years old.

I think you can tell we’re in a different part of the world, a different culture, when the children are outside on their own, no parent in sight, brandishing knives. The oldest little boy even has a snazzy holster to carry his in. Our guide didn’t even blink, so he certainly didn’t find this as unusual as we did.

The Philippines is not the only country we’ve been to and come across children playing with knives. We were in Moldova, and a couple of boys were throwing what looked like an old kitchen knife at the ground.

Have you ever come across some interesting children’s toys through your travels?

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