How to Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan)

A Step by Step Guide to Doing it Right!

Hanami season is one of the biggest attractions in Japan. Hanami refers to “cherry blossom viewing” and takes over the country for about six weeks. EVERYTHING is cherry blossom related: candies, ice cream, souvenirs, even commercials. It is many people’s favorite season!
Cherry Blossoms Japan

Cherry Blossoms Japan

In the simplest of terms, Hanami is a picnic under the cherry blossom trees with friends, co-workers, clubs, or family.

Cherry Blossoms Japan

Because it is such a big deal, and it is much more involved than just “viewing some flowers,” I wanted to break it down for all of you. So here you are, a step-by-step guide to Hanami-ing (is that a word?).

Cherry Blossoms Japan Cherry Blossoms Japan

Step one: watch the forecast. It is important to know when the trees will start blooming and when they will be at their peak. Both of these facts greatly impact availability and reservations. (That’s right, I said “reservations.” but we will get back to that in a minute). Most of the Japanese weather sites and newspapers will start projecting blossom dates in January. I usually watch the Japan National Tourism site for information as well (

Cherry Blossoms Japan Cherry Blossoms Japan

In general, every area is expected to have about a two-week window to view cherry blossoms, but that doesn’t account for wind and rain. Both are detrimental to the delicate flowers so you have to be vigilant.

Hanami006 Cherry Blossoms Japan

Step two: Pick a park. Most parks in Japan have some cherry blossom trees, even the little neighborhood parks. So you have to think about what it is you are looking for:

Cherry Blossoms Japan Cherry Blossoms Japan Cherry Blossoms Japan

Do you want a full on festival, with food stands and entertainment? Do you want to be able to grill out? Do you want to see hundreds of cherry blossoms? Or are you looking for quiet and intimate? Maybe you want a unique experience – like horses in the park? or picnicking on a boardwalk?

Cherry Blossoms Japan

This step may take some research, or none at all. You may already know where you want to go.

Cherry Blossoms Japan

Step three: Make reservations (or stake claim). Some of the bigger, more famous parks will rope off areas and reservations can be made to get prime real estate. I’ve heard of people making reservation six months in advance. But for sure, even at the littlest of parks, you are going to have to send someone to the park earlier in the day to stake claim to your picnicking spot. It gets crowded fast. Usually representatives will start showing up around 9 to either outline their spots or start laying out the tarps. That brings me to…

Cherry Blossoms Japan

Step four: What to bring with. After you have picked a park you will know if you can bbq or if fire is not allowed, so you can start planning lunch. Most Hanami parties start around 11 and last about 4 hours. Here is a simple list of what you’ll need to bring along to Hanami like a local:

  1. Hanami Mat – blue or green tarp to set up lunch, and lounge the afternoon away on.
  2. Grill (if needed for lunch)
  3. Umbrella (just in case)
  4. Tent (optional – great to take a nap, or corral little ones)
  5. Slip on shoe – it is a pain to have to tie and untie your shoes all day. Oh – I think I forgot to mention: No shoes on the tarp.
  6. Lunch (see step 5)
  7. Picnic games.
  8. Finally, Beer. This is of course optional, but recommended. Hanami is all about having a great time, and in Japan, that means beer and sake! Bringing some to share with your companions is recommended. Also, if you can bring some foreign beer to share with the locals, you’ll definitely make some new friends!

Cherry Blossoms Japan

Step five: FOOD. Hanami is usually set up as a potluck, so bring something to share. You can make something or bring chips, candies, sushi from the local joint, fried chicken from a combini, anything you want!


If grilling, bring your own meat and veggies. You should bring enough to feed 3-4 people, not the whole group. (Unless otherwise instructed.) This is of course on top of our potluck contribution.

Cherry Blossoms Japan

If it isn’t a big group thing, just a few people, then it doesn’t have to be as elaborate. I’ve seen simple picnic lunches of sandwiches and juice. Anything goes — you can even just have Dominoes deliver, and why not?!

Cherry Blossoms Japan

Step six: have fun and take TONS of pictures. You MUST take thousands of pictures of the blossoms, pictures of your group in front of the trees, pictures of each person with the blossoms, etc, etc, etc. Make us proud!

Cherry Blossoms Japan

I hope this helps!

I hit a few parks this year, but it was a bit chilly and rainy. Neither were a deterrent to the crowds of course, I just noticed many less grills than usual. I met some fun new locals, helped fish for tadpoles, and got to pet some horses.

Hanami or cherry blossom is something people from all over the world look forward to every spring. If you find a good grove of cherry blossom trees, make sure you follow some of these steps to have the best time enjoying them.

Have you been cherry blossom viewing in Japan?  What were your impressions?




20 thoughts on “How to Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan)”

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  2. Such beautiful images, each one of them transfers us to Japan. I have heard so much about Cherry Blossom Festival , now I wish I attend it one of these days….

  3. We enjoyed walking around the parks in Japan looking at cherry blossoms but never stayed in one spot long enough to require space on the ground to relax. I remember seeing people on the blue tarps looking like they’d just stepped out of the office in their black suits. I had no idea that there was a whole process involved, though. Very informative post.

  4. I love all the photos here! They’re so beautiful! Seeing the cherry blossoms in their full glory has been on my travel wish list for awhile. These tips are all great. I hadn’t realized just how much effort it was to view them and for the whole experience of hanami. I’m glad there are plenty of choices for everyone.

  5. This is by far the most helpful post I’ve see about the Japanese Cherry Blossoms. Love it! Wonderful pics and tips. Thanks 🙂

  6. Lovely post! I was thinking of writing something similar 🙂 Your tips are spot on… I’m not a beer drinker though, so I like to bring a bottle of rose or pink sparkling wine! Also lovely is a boat trip down Meguro River which is very romantic 🙂

    I also saw an article about a brunch at the new Andanz Hotel Hanami Garden on the 52nd floor terrace? Sounds amazing but the price made my jaw drop to the floor!

    1. Michelle, Thanks. Yes, Depending where you are in Japan around cherry blossom time, there are so many events. Everyone should ask at their hotel or just keep their ears open. So much to do! It’s a blast!

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