Searching for the Oracle of Delphi

Searching for the Oracle of Delphi

Consulting the Oracle of Apollo The Temple of Apollo on Mt. Parnassus was revered in ancient times as the place to go before attempting any ambitious endeavor. You would make a significant sacrifice, confer with the oracle, and reap your rewards. […]

The National Snack of Spain – Churros y Chocolate

Churros y chocolate

Fried and Sugared Dough Dipped in Chocolate?   Hell Yes! This time of year all around America towns hold their harvest festivals, and then the states each hold a fair.  American state fairs are a tradition that goes back to […]

Pennsylvania Dutch Horses and Plow

Pennsylvania Dutch

This falls under the category of things I’ve seen in my own country! I love to travel. I live to travel. And I especially love world travel, going someplace I’ve never been, not understanding the language, not knowing what to […]

Reflection #591 – Highland Dance Competition in the U.S.A.

Highland Dance

Summer and fall in the U.S. brings all kinds of small town fairs, competitions, and other exciting events, such as these Highland Games in Western Washington. Pictured here is a Scottish dance competition during the annual Highland Games in Washington […]

Reflection #588 – Jawor, Poland


Driving through the western part of Poland, called Silesia, there were many “brown” signs. Typically this indicates a site of interest. Jawor had one of these brown signs touting its medieval center. That’s what is pictured above. I’m sure at […]

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