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The Ultimate Great Wall of China Planning Guide

Traveling around China, especially to those special world heritage sites like the Forbidden Palace and the Terra Cotta Warriors, makes you feel like you are really traveling. Between the language barrier and the cultural differences, sometimes it’s a little intimidating, and we know that if you go to China one of the things you want […]

Lunch at the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo

Tokyo is well-known for its eclectic eateries and cafes. We make an effort to try a new one each time we go into the city. It’s one of the reasons we’ve loved traveling around Japan. Just like the animal cafes and the themed restaurants we could just not wait to visit the  Pokemon Cafe right next […]

Where To Go For the Best Summer in Europe

Europe! Here at Reflections Enroute we can’t get enough of it, with it’s quaintness, it’s beauty, it’s history! Welcome back to our travel in Europe during “All Seasons” series. We have compiled lists for what to do in Europe for fall, winter, and spring seasons, and now everyones favorite, summer! We’ve asked some top travelers where they […]

The Best Places To Go, Germany In Winter

Mountains, Christmas Lights – Germany in Winter is Magical! Have you ever thought of traveling to Germany during the winter? You should. Hands down, it’s the most magical season in this central European country. Forests and mountains are covered in pure, white snow, but the temperature isn’t too cold. You can easily spend the day […]

Passports or Pass With Devon And Marcus

Passports or Pass video with Devon and Marcus

Devon and Marcus in the Hot Seat! Can they convince us that they are fantastic travel companions? Welcome to our second show in the series Passports or Pass where we grill unsuspecting travelers to see if they really should be traveling together. Travel is fun. Travel is stressful. Will traveling together make Devon and Marcus’ […]

Traveling In Summer With Carry-ons For Two People

If you are going to travel light, summer is by far the easiest time to do so. Saying that, Jim and I are heading to Ukraine and Belarus, so we’re not packing for the beach. We’ll be city-hopping. We’re not fans of spending our hard-earned money on expensive flights, and we certainly don’t like paying […]

Secret and Stunning Places Around Europe To Put On Your Bucket List

Secret Stunning Places in Europe

The Most Beautiful Places in Europe There are so many stunning places to visit in Europe that I just can’t get over it. Every time I think I’ve found the prettiest place, I find a new one. Just for a little travel inspiration, I’ve decided to list some of the places I find to be […]

Travel Folly to Travel Glory

Travel Folly to Travel Glory

“Look kids! Big Ben, Parliament.” ~ Clark Griswold OK, time for a guilty pleasure confession. You know, how we all have these silly things in life that we enjoy, even though they might be considered lame or embarrassing by our peers, parents, or children? Like watching reality TV or reading trashy romance novels? Well, European […]

5 Tips To Travel Iceland on a Budget

5 Tips Iceland Budget

Iceland is not a cheap destination! If you are strictly looking for cheap, go somewhere else…like Thailand.  However, there are a lot of ways to cut costs once you are there, so follow these 5 tips on how to do Iceland on a budget, then spend your hard-earned cash doing some great adventure (read pricey) […]

Korean Ceramics – How to Buy the Best Pot


How do you choose the best Korean pot? One of my favorite books I like to read to my third and fourth grade students is A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. It is about a 16th century Korean orphan whose deepest desire is to become a potter. Unfortunately, only potter’s sons can become potters […]

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