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Slip-sliding Away in Pamukkale

If you’ve ever opened a tourist website or guide book on Turkey, you couldn’t have missed the images of the white, cascading travertines of Pamukkale.  Pamuk meaning cotton, and kale meaning castle, the name does little to conjure up the vision of these surreal pools of brilliant blue water and marshmallow walls teeming with Russian […]

Invading Rhodes…Just Like the Knights Templar Did Before Us

Invading Rhodes Knights Templar

Just 53 miles from Marmaris, Turkey, lays the largest of the Dodecanese Island, Rhodes.  Crawling with tourists, mostly from cruise ships, Rhodes is famous for its rich medieval history.  As you pull into port you are faced immediately with the formidable fortress walls built by the Knights Templar and Hospitaller (the Order of St. John, […]

Conquering the Chimera of Olympos

In southern Turkey, just a little off the beaten path, a gas seaps from the ground and as it hits the air, bursts into flame (well, really it’s a continual flame, but that’s not quite as impressive, now is it?). Because of this unusual phenomenon, there have been many myths and stories that have grown […]

Being Pampered at the Hamam or How to Hamam!

Hamam towels

With the girls in Turkey, I had to take them to the hamam (Turkish bath).  Devon actually went twice; but they both loved it.  After having been indoctrinated into the world of public bathing in Japan, both of them thought this was much easier and much more comfortable.  That might have something to do with […]

Freezing on the Top of Nemrut Dagi

A small site in the Anti-Taurus mountains, the tumulus at Nemrut Dagi is supposedly at its best either at sunrise or sunset.  Since we missed the sunset, we chose to rise early and watch the sunrise.  Honestly, I’m not sure what the allure of going to the top of a mountain at sunrise is, but […]

What to do in Cappadocia?

A tourist’s dream, Cappadocia has much to offer you no matter what your interest is.  To hike, to photograph, to eat good food, what else is there to life? Cappadocia evokes a romanticism of the Crusades.  In its unique rocks, eroded over millions of years in a region that is extremely volcanic, people have carved […]

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