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The Best Accommodation and Hotels in Japan

When budgeting for travel around Japan it is imperative to think about your accommodations. Hotels in Japan run from small and cheap to sprawling and extremely expensive. Many of the hotels are just a place to spend the night, but other types of accommodations in Japan,  like capsule hotels or ryokans,  provide a full on […]

Staying in a Sleeping Capsule Hotel in Japan

Capsule Hotel Japan

Traveling around Japan is exotic, full of technology, and just plain fun, but with that fun comes a bit of a price tag. It’s not cheap. While budgeting your trip, make sure to take into consideration your cost for public transportation and of course hotels. There are all kinds of hotels in Japan, something for […]

How To Reach Breakneck Speeds Sledding the Preda-Bergun Run

Sledding the Preda-Bergün run.

Last week Eleanor Roosevelt told us to “…reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” We decided to take this advice to heart and go out and do something new and exciting for us, sledding the Preda-Bergün run in the Rhaetian Alps of Switzerland. Which brings us to this weeks quote, also […]

Marrakesh, a Magical Intro to Morocco!


Living in central Europe, Jim and I are always looking for ways to escape the winter cold. This winter we decided that a Moroccan Road Trip would be just the fix. We expected warm and sunny weather, and even though it wasn’t quite as warm as we expected, it was a sweet respite from Germany. […]

Walking through Kinderdijk, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Walk Kinderdijk

There’s just something about a mill. Water or wind, no matter its purpose, humankind’s ability to harness the natural power and energy around us is almost magical. We’ve seen mills for pressing olives into oil,grinding grain into grist, cutting logs into lumber, and even creating electricity. The mills at Kinderdijk, however, were built for a […]

A Trulli Near Alberobello

Trulli Alberobello

Alberobello, at the top of the heel on Italy’s boot, is a quaint town full of interesting and picturesque stone cottages. These centuries old mortarless stone houses are built by stacking one slab on top of the other with no binding to hold it all together. The conical shape reminds me of a teepee in […]

To the Top of the Karpas Peninsula

    According to all we’d read, Northern Cyprus is home to the Wild Donkey or Wild Ass.  Now, I know that we’ve all come across plenty of domestic asses as we go along our daily business, but going to see a “wild” one just wasn’t an opportunity I was willing to pass up. As it […]

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