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Top Travelers Pick Their Best Destinations

Top Travelers Pick Their Best Destinations

The hardest question to answer when you are an avid traveler is, “Where is your favorite place?” The short answer always is , “I don’t have one!” However, there definitely are locations that stick in our minds, sometime because of […]

Searching for Treasure

Searching for Treasure

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve been in love with the idea of searching for treasure. I can remember burying treasure somewhere in the woods behind our house, drawing out a (very) rough treasure map, and then taking […]

Our Dream Destinations for 2016

Our Dream Destinations for 2016

I never stop dreaming about my next destination, but there is something about the end of a year to really get those thoughts organized.  I don’t know about you, but each month creeps up on me so suddenly, and ofttimes […]

22 of our Most Remarkable and Favorite Images of the Year

22 Remarkable and Favorite Images of the Year

What is more fun than going through your images from the past year?  Really?  Nothing.  It brings back memories of all the places we’ve been, all the people we’ve met or visited, and just all the fun.  I’m not sure […]

The Best of 2015 – Proven Destinations Revisited!

Best of 2015! A Year in Review

As I sit looking out of my window at the gloomy, gray skies of Germany which occur about 50% of the winter, I can’t help but smile. Jim and I have been going over the things we’ve done and seen […]

Krampus, A Downright Scary Christmas Tradition

Krampus A Scary Christmas Tradition

Christmastime in Germany is full of charm.  All over the country the Christmas markets are going strong.  With the smell of sugary almonds roasting and the wisps of steam climbing out of your gluhwein mug, you happily look out for […]

The Alps + A Lake + Some Cows = A Happy Fall Day!

Boat Cows on the Königsee

…Or the Best Cows Coming Home Ever! What is it about fall?  There is always so much stuff going on that I have to make choices, and making those choices means that I’m not doing something that I really want […]

Weekend Travel Inspiration #Link up – J.K. Rowling

Weekend Travel Inspiration - JK Rowling

I absolutely love this quote by J.K. Rowling.  Every one of us gets caught up in life.  We have our jobs, our family, our routines.  Even those that are retired or are digital nomads have things that we have to […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly! Animal Cafés in Japan

Animal Cafes in Japan

The New Trend – Coffee with a Side of Love! Most homes in Japan are tiny and either not suited for pets or pets just aren’t allowed. People love animals though, and not getting some kitty cuddles on occasion is […]

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