The Best Itinerary for Uganda Self Drive

Best Itinerary for a Uganda Self-Drive

“Where should we go? How about somewhere in Africa?” This I asked Jim a few months ago. His response floored me, “Uganda.” “Huh?” I’ll admit, it’s not the most intelligent reply, but I never even considered Uganda as a destination. […]

Playing with Light at the Magnificent Bastei Bridge in Germany

Playing with Light at the Magnificent Bastei Bridge in Germany

Photographing the Bastei Bridge Ever since we moved to the Oberpfalz in northern Bavaria we’d been hearing about, and seeing stunning pictures of, Bastei Bridge in the region known as Sächsischen Schweiz (or Saxon Switzerland) in former East Germany. The bridge is located […]

Sobering Visit to the Culloden Battlefield

Battlefield of Culloden Scotland

Why You Should Visit Culloden Battlefield One of the reasons we travel is to experience the culture and society of the countries we’re visiting. This means seeing everything that has shaped modern society, experiencing the forces that have sculpted the […]

Developing my Cherry List!

Developing My Cherry List - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Last week on Weekend Travel Inspiration, I started telling you how I’ve chosen to live my life a bit differently than many of my friends and family. Jim and I talked about it quite a bit this past weekend, because we […]

The Incense Cities of the Negev – World Heritage

Negev World HeritageIncense Cities of the Negev - World Heritage

Deserts have always seemed mysterious and exotic to me. Growing up I devoured stories of exploration, exotic caravans, and women wearing gauzy belly dancing outfits. I drooled over the idea of having my own camel to take care of as […]

A Romantic Lunch in the Resplendent Telc

A Romantic Lunch in the Resplendent Telč

What do you do on a cold, wintry gray day and you want to add some color to your day? You drive a few hours and go to a beautiful pastel-colored town filled with houses that could double as any […]

The Best of 2015 – Proven Destinations Revisited!

Best of 2015! A Year in Review

As I sit looking out of my window at the gloomy, gray skies of Germany which occur about 50% of the winter, I can’t help but smile. Jim and I have been going over the things we’ve done and seen […]

Complete Relaxation at the Stunning Monastery in Guadalupe

Monastery Santa Maria Guadalupe

Whenever we are traveling, we love to stay in unique accommodations.  In the Extremadura region of Spain sits the small town of Guadalupe where they just happen to have a world heritage monastery.  For some years, it has been turned into a […]

Powerful Reminders of the Past at the World War Two Sites in Normandy

World War II Sites of Normandy France

Take a drive with us as we meander, ponder and memorialize those that fought in World War Two on the beaches of Normandy.

Sunset on Morocco

Sunset on Morocco

Evening Skies Worthy of True Love I love traveling in winter when the sun sets before it’s time to go to dinner.  It’s great to be able to enjoy the full spectrum of colors, then go in and taste the […]

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