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The Perfect Prague Weekend – What to Do in Prague in 2 Days

Perfect Itinerary for Weekend Getaway to Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, is possibly the most beautifully preserved medieval city in all of Europe. The towers and spires lining the skyline, the massive Prague Castle overlooking the town, and the statue lined bridges will transport you back to an earlier age. Of course, the famous Bohemian spirit coupled with some of the best beer […]

Ten Reasons to Love The Oktoberfest!

No matter who you are, when you think of Germany, you inevitably think of the Oktoberfest! Everyone has heard of the world-famous Oktoberfest. It might just be the largest party on Earth. Over six million people attend this three week event each year, and people come from over 80 countries just to experience some down […]

Discovering The Magnificent Bastei Bridge in Germany

Bastei Bridge, Germany

A Day Trip to Bastei Bridge (Basteibrücke) Ever since we moved to the Oberpfalz in northern Bavaria we’d been hearing about, and seeing stunning pictures of, Bastei Bridge in the region known as Sächsischen Schweiz (or Saxon Switzerland) in former East Germany. The bridge is located in a national park that is both enchanting and awe-inspiring, in […]

The Town Divided By War – Moedlareuth

Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Moedlareuth

Imagine this. Your country has just lost a war, and now the Soviets who are in charge are building a wall in your town. How will you visit your family? How will you shop? How will you go to school? For almost 37 years, this small town of 50 inhabitants was divided by a wall […]

Our Guide To The Top Open Air Museums For Kids In Germany

Visit Open Air Museums to Step Back in Time What’s better than learning about a culture, traipsing about an outdoor museum, maybe learning how to farm, bake bread, or sail, all with a hands-on experience? I don’t think there is anything better. As a teacher, I can tell  you, kids really do love to learn, […]

Drive The Grossglockner High Alpine Road For Thrills And Adventure

One Of The Best High Alpine Driving Experiences When I think of those picturesque mountains, the Alps, I think of craggy, green mountains sprinkled with sheep and cows, bells tinkling. I think of girls dressed up like Heidi, in dirndls and boys dressed in lederhosen. Every fall, we go in search of the Alps of […]

Climbing and Hiking Through The Magical Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth

Climbing and hiking through Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth

A day trip being outdoors, scrambling through the Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth is just what the doctor ordered!

How To Reach Breakneck Speeds Sledding the Preda-Bergun Run

Sledding the Preda-Bergün run.

Last week Eleanor Roosevelt told us to “…reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” We decided to take this advice to heart and go out and do something new and exciting for us, sledding the Preda-Bergün run in the Rhaetian Alps of Switzerland. Which brings us to this weeks quote, also […]

Winter-y Things to do in Titlis, Switzerland

A Winter Weekend in Engleberg Titlis, Switzerland

I love winter! I love finding that perfect ski lodge, complete with steaming hot drinks and a cozy place to eat dinner after a full day on the slopes. I’m not as much of a skier as I used to be, but I still love the atmosphere. I could hang around ski areas all winter […]

Breaking Down the World War Two History of Berchtesgaden And More!

Breaking Down the World War Two History of Berchtesgaden And More!

What better place than sunny, idyllic Berchtesgaden, Bavaria for a mad man to rise to power? Growing up watching movie after movie, reading book after book we learned that the worst enemy out there was Adolf Hitler and his army of Nazis. Visiting Germany, it’s a given that many people would like to see some […]

Gliding Across Lake Königssee, Germany

Königssee Germany

Lake Konigsee and St. Bartholomew’s Church The Königssee seemed to be that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but no matter how much we chased it all we’d ever find was rain pouring down. We’d go again and there was a sleet storm. On another visit to Berchtesgaden we didn’t have time to […]

Welcoming Spring with German Maypole Celebrations

Welcoming Spring with Germany May Pole Celebrations

Hoisting the Maypole – A Bavarian Tradition One of the great things about living in Germany is that we get to experience some of the traditions that would be difficult to plan as a traveler. There are so many very date specific events on the calendar, all year round, that scheduling the best time to […]

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