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Krampus, A Downright Scary Christmas Tradition

Krampus A Scary Christmas Tradition

Christmastime in Germany is full of charm.  All over the country the Christmas markets are going strong, especially the famous ones like Rothenburg ob Tauber.  With the smell of sugary almonds roasting and the wisps of steam climbing out of your gluhwein mug, you happily look out for St. Nicholas and hope he gives you […]

Real Men Love Beer Spas!

Real Men Love Beer Spas

Living near the border of the Czech Republic we have the opportunity to visit and explore western Czech on a regular basis. We’ve come up with the perfect weekend in Prague, taken the waters in Karlovy Vary, and just meandered around the farming villages and countryside during the fall, even going to a great folk festival one […]

Taking the Waters in Karlovy Vary

Taking the Waters in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary Water and Its Benefits If you are at all like me, you would have grown up reading novels of exotic faraway places, larger than life characters, spice bazaars, ancient battles, conquerors. I would read anything that would take me away to some other place and time. Often I would come across some princess or nobleman going […]

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