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Saalburg Roman Fort and Museum – Only 30 Minutes from Frankfurt

Porta Praetoria from the Saalburg Museum Shop

Are you looking for a fun day out? One of our favorite places to just romp, have fun, and throw in a little history-learning is Saalburg Roman Fort. A quick 30 minutes from the center of Frankfurt, it’s a great day trip with or without kids, for people living in Germany or just traveling around […]

Our Guide To The Top Open Air Museums For Kids In Germany

Visit Open Air Museums to Step Back in Time What’s better than learning about a culture, traipsing about an outdoor museum, maybe learning how to farm, bake bread, or sail, all with a hands-on experience? I don’t think there is anything better. As a teacher, I can tell  you, kids really do love to learn, […]

Things To Do On a Long Layover in Frankfurt

things to do in Frankfurt on a long layover

Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest in Germany. If you are traveling to Europe, and especially to Germany, there’s a good chance you’ll have a layover in this massive, sprawling airport. So how can you spend your time? What is there to do in the airport? Are there any things to do around Frankfurt […]

Tulip Festival in the Netherlands

Tulip Festival Parade in the Netherlands - A Photo Essay

The Amazing Bloemencorso or Dutch Flower Parade When you think of the Netherlands, so many iconic things come to mind. There are wooden shoes, tulips, windmills, and bikes! The annual tulip festival and  flower parade highlights everything Dutch as well as floats and costumes to follow the yearly theme. To experience Dutch Tulip Season, you […]

The Best Places to See Dutch Tulips

How And Where To Go - Chasing Holland Tulips

Dutch Flowers, especially their Tulips, are World Famous! Let’s face it, there’s two main things tourists want to see when they go to Holland, tulips and windmills. I have to say, I’m not the exception to that rule! Dutch tulip fields are an amazing sight in the spring, it’s like a rainbow fell out of […]

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

We lived in the Netherlands from 2000 until 2002, and we learned how to enjoy the Dutch way of life. For example, the love of bikes. They use bikes for everything from commuting to leisure, and boy do they know how to do it right. From date nights where the boy has a girl riding […]

Letting Our Hair Down at Rapunzel’s Castle – Mespelbrunn

A Visit to a Fairy Tale Castle – Schloss Mespelbrunn Only a few kilometers off of the A3 between Frankfurt and Würzburg, sits Mespelbrunn castle. This castle is still privately owned, but open to the public for tours, weddings, or renting out a room in the tower. It’s small and cozy, but very peaceful and beautiful.

The Amazing Flower Petal Mosaics of the Netherlands

Flower Mosaics Netherlands

A Flowering Art Surprise! When we drove the Bollenstreek, we had no idea of some of the events and customs surrounding the flower season.  Our goal was to take in spring; its brilliant colors, its fresh aromas, its Vitamin D.  We wanted to cleanse ourselves of the dreariness of winter.  So, we headed north to […]

It’s Tulip Time in the Netherlands!

Tulips Netherlands

A Drive on the Bollenstreek (Bulb Region)! What is more Dutch than tulips?  We took a short road trip up to the tulip region of the Netherlands, and with fantastic sun and clear skies, we traipsed in and out of flower beds, down garden paths, in front of great Dutch architecture, and even had a […]

Electric Boat Rentals Bumping Through Giethoorn, Netherlands


  The village of Giethoorn lies on the edge of a large watershed home to many wild animals and prolific birdlife. The village has been around for a few hundred years or so and has a lovely feel with it’s typical Dutch brick houses and narrow canals. The canals provide the streets for the village, […]

Walking through Kinderdijk, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Walk Kinderdijk

There’s just something about a mill. Water or wind, no matter its purpose, humankind’s ability to harness the natural power and energy around us is almost magical. We’ve seen mills for pressing olives into oil,grinding grain into grist, cutting logs into lumber, and even creating electricity. The mills at Kinderdijk, however, were built for a […]

Reveling in Memories of Trier

We arrived in Trier and we felt that we were coming home.  We lived near the city for four years, and that was the place we went to lunch, to shop, to tour, and just to hang out.  So as we drove into town, we couldn’t wait to see our old stomping grounds. As you […]

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