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Discovering The Magnificent Bastei Bridge in Germany

Bastei Bridge, Germany

A Day Trip to Bastei Bridge (Basteibrücke) Ever since we moved to the Oberpfalz in northern Bavaria we’d been hearing about, and seeing stunning pictures of, Bastei Bridge in the region known as Sächsischen Schweiz (or Saxon Switzerland) in former East Germany. The bridge is located in a national park that is both enchanting and awe-inspiring, in […]

Playmobil FunPark in Germany – Fun for All Ages

When traveling, sometimes it’s difficult to find things to do that are just for kids.  After dragging the little ones from cathedral to museum to restaurant, you really should insert a day that is just for them. It will make everyone happier, believe me! We did this when we had visitors come to Germany. We’d […]

A Shopping Weekend To the Polish Pottery Capital Of The World

Looking for that perfect European souvenir? Polish pottery is it. Everyone loves the traditional blue and white Polish pottery patterns that adorn everything you could need in your kitchen. Click here to read our guide. Polish pottery mugs | Polish pottery dinnerware | Polish ceramics | Boleslawiec Polish pottery

Living in Germany, even though I have lots of opportunity, I don’t often go on shopping trips. It’s just not in my genes, but there are some products that you just can’t say no to and I would definitely put Polish pottery into that category. I usually prefer touring to shopping, but I do love […]

Real Men Love Beer Spas!

Real Men Love Beer Spas

Living near the border of the Czech Republic we have the opportunity to visit and explore western Czech on a regular basis. We’ve come up with the perfect weekend in Prague, taken the waters in Karlovy Vary, and just meandered around the farming villages and countryside during the fall, even going to a great folk festival one […]

Dresden Christmas Stollen and Parade

Dresden Christmas Stollen

A Tasty Holiday Treat with a Long History – Dresdener Stollen! During the holiday season, every country, every family has their own tasty recipes that bring the holidays home.  In Dresden, they’re most famous holiday treat is the Christmas Stollen.  Stollen is a yeast cake that can be plain or filled with dried fruits, marzipan, […]

UNESCO World Heritage Site – Peace Churches of Jawor and Świdnica

Peace Church Poland

Quirky Heritage Sites:  Jawor and Świdnica  Thankfully we drove up to Poland as public transportation is slow and definitely doesn’t get you to every possible destination. The country is huge, and we were only visiting a small part on the far western side of it. The Peace churches were a must-see stop for us. I […]

Wroclaw – The Best City to Take Kids in Europe

For all parents that want to experience a really fun couple of days in a city, and for free, Wrocław is the place to go. We’ve all wanted our children, our students, our friends’ kids to enjoy the places we’ve brought them to; and, well, they sometimes just don’t. It’s exasperating and frustrating. Why can’t […]

World Heritage Site – Quedlinburg


Quedlinburg is a small medieval town in the Harz Mountains of Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. It was designated UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1994. This little guy and his dog just seemed to be welcoming us to the town. There are three main characteristics of Quedlinburg that led to its heritage status: the layout of the town, […]

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