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Traveling for food is such an important aspect for learning about a culture. Not only do we try to find the best local food to try, we look into the history, and we bring home a recipe or two.

Turkish Food – Bulgur – A Tasty Side Dish!

When I lived in Turkey before, your main course was always accompanied by white rice with pine nuts (pilav – pronounced “pilau”). Nowadays, due to increased prices, white rice is often not available. What the Turks have done instead is substitute it with bulgur pilav, which is not rice at all, but cracked wheat. It […]

The Blue Ice Restaurant – A Review

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand After a hard and chilly day of visiting the Franz Josef Glacier, warm up at the Blue Ice Restaurant in town.  It has it all.  There is a bar with a fast food and pizza menu on the top floor (Wednesday nights are Karaoke nights) and on the bottom floor […]

Etli Ekmek and Oven-Baked Lamb in Konya

Konya is known for a number of things, most notably the whirling dervishes of the Sufi sect.  We had already visited a dervish show, so this time we were here for the food. The city is also well-known for its meat dishes.  We’ve tried a meat borek that is delicious, and one really great dish […]

The Fabulous Eggplant!

Before moving to Asia, I never really considered an eggplant worth eating.  I had had the occasional moussaka, but other than that it was completely lacking from my diet.  Apparently in many parts of the world, it was reputed to drive people insane and was called the “mad apple”.  Now, I think it should be […]

Korean Delicacies – What to Eat in Korea

Aw, it can’t be that bad?  Millions of Koreans swear by them; what?  Oh, intestines, large ones – Makjang, a Korean Delicacy.  Apparently in Daegu, it’s the snack o’ choice to slosh down some Charm Soju. So we order some; at least they don’t come to us in one long coil.  They’ve been cut into […]

How to Eat Shabu Shabu

shabu shabu

While we were living in South Korea, the “English” teachers, took Devon and I to this fantastic restaurant and introduced us to Shabu Shabu; it quickly became our favorite Korean dish. This meal supposedly originally came to Korea with the invading Mongols.  All of us had had Shabu Shabu in Japan, and in theory it […]

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