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Traveling for food is such an important aspect for learning about a culture. Not only do we try to find the best local food to try, we look into the history, and we bring home a recipe or two.

Khinkali Recipe – The Dumpling from Georgia

Khinkali Recipe - Georgian Dumplings

On my way to Georgia, I was on a mission. I had researched the local dumpling, khinkali, and was fascinated by it. I love the way it looks, the way people eat it. I definitely wanted to learn how to make it, but could not find a cooking lesson advertised anywhere. Jump to Recipes Simple […]

Dumplings Around the World – An Eating and Cooking Project

The Dumpling Project

Dumplings. I love them. My grandmother made them and taught my mother. My mother made them, although not very often, and she taught me. It’s one of those down-home foods that bring back memories of a steamy kitchen, messy cooking, lots of laughter and lots of love. Jump to Chicken and Dumplings Recipe Did you […]

Splashing About The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival, Germany

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany

Ludwigsburg, Germany – Pumpkins Galore I love a festival.  And one that involves food, well, that’s a no-brainer.  We were going.  I love pumpkin, and I’d heard there was plenty of pumpkin specialties to be tasted, so off we went.  In fact, September is the month of festivals in Germany, so you can find many more […]

Brno – A Weekender’s Guide

Brno Weekender's Guide

Brno is the Czech Republic’s second largest city after Prague, and, for those of you who have been to Prague, a welcome escape from the bustling bus tours and sightseeing  hordes found in the capital city. Don’t get me wrong, I love Prague with it’s romantic bridges, medieval towers and spires, and large city amenities. […]

A Romantic Lunch in the Resplendent Telc

A Romantic Lunch in the Resplendent Telč

What do you do on a cold, wintry gray day and you want to add some color to your day? You drive a few hours, into the Czech Republic, and go to a beautiful pastel-colored town filled with houses that could double as any petit four with the white filigree trim. The Romantic City of […]

On the Edge of Safe in Le Kef Tunisia

Le Kef Tunisia

Driving up the lonely highway towards Le Kef from Tunis, we were treated to the pleasant smells of mountain pines and fresh spring growth. The Kasbah looms large from this hilltop town watching visitors approach as it has for centuries. I have to admit, driving this close to the Algerian border caused a little nagging […]

7 Reasons We Can’t Wait to go Back to Bulgaria

Read: The Top 7 Reasons to go Back to Bulgaria

Bulgaria Really Surprised Us “Zellini Smokini” was the mantra we took from Bulgaria when we visited a couple of years ago. Okay, most people don’t go around yelling out “Figs! Figs!” but it just rolls off your tongue, especially when you yell it like a local. Eastern Europe beckons us. As we plan our next […]

The Famous Oysters of Belon, France

Read: The Oysters of Belon

Hunting the Elusive Belon Oysters of France Sometimes inspiration for our travels comes from odd places. Other times that inspiration is as ordinary as can be. While we try to be leaders in the travel field, picking out new and exotic destinations to share with our readers, occasionally we find our next “must see” place […]

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