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North Dakota Bucket List and Why You Should Visit

One of the least visited states in the USA, North Dakota has a surprisingly long list of things to do and see. Recently I visited the state, and this time spent some real time there. The first time, I didn’t give it more than a short 24 hours, but this time I realized its potential. […]

Yosemite National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Yosemite National Park UNESCO World Heritage

    Can you believe that I’ve been married to a native Californian for over 25 years; we visit the state at least every other year, and I had never been to Yosemite National Park?! We’ve been to national parks all ofver the country like Denali, Theodore Roosevelt, and even hard to get to Katmai, […]

The Alaska Marine Highway! Taking the Alaska Ferry

Best Way to Cruise Alaska? with the Alaska Marine Highway!

Do you like to cruise?  I’ll bet that one you’ve always wanted to do is Alaska! I’m right, aren’t I?  After living in Alaska and calling it home for eight years, people ask me about cruising to Alaska all the time. First let me say, Alaska is amazing, with stunning views, an abundance of wildlife, […]

Summer in Denali National Park

Summer in Denali National Park

Making the Most of a Trip to Mt. McKinley Whenever I’m talking to fellow travelers, the conversation usually gets around to talking about where I’m from. Now for those of you who are nomadic or transient you know there’s no other question that can stump you quite like that simple four word question. Where am I from? […]

The Not So Hidden Secret of the Aircraft Boneyard

The Not So Hidden Secret of the Aircraft BoneYard

Visting the Airplane Boneyard at the Puma Air and Space Museum I love airplanes! For a brief period, until my money ran out, I took flying lessons when I was 15 years old. I loved being in control, soaring through the air (C’mon I know you are surprised!) I loved the feeling that I could […]

Baking The Perfect New York Bagel (with Recipe)

Baking The Perfect New York Bagel (with Recipe)

Manhattan, the center of New York’s finest bagel shops. When Jim and I go, we know that we are going to fill up on fresh bagels and lots of great coffee every day that we are there. We love them! My favorite New York bagel is an onion bagel with cream cheese and lox, one […]

Grappling with Tragedy at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum

Grappling with Tragedy at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum

September 11, 2001 The sun was shining, as small soft white clouds floated slowly across the sky. It was a warm day, a perfect September late summer afternoon. I had a long drive, nearly a two hour commute heading home at the end of the day. Just one quick stop at the grocery store to […]

Deadly or Delicate? Exploring the Sonora Desert

Deadly or Delicate? Exploring the Sonora Desert

I love the desert. There is something about the sparse vegetation, the way the cactus rise up from such a dry soil, and the fact that even in this harsh environment so many living things flourish. When I first heard of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum I knew I had to go. It’s my kind of place, […]

Top Travelers Reveal Their Best Trips Part 2

Where will you go next year? Part 2 of Travelers revealing their top destinations is here!

Albania is Jim’s top pick of the places we visited last year. We took a great little road trip to some fantastic places and it just surprised us how warm and friendly the people were as well as how much there is to see packed in this small country.  If you haven’t been, make plans […]

Eastern State Penitentiary – A Tour of Gritty Philly

Eastern State Penitentiary

Take a Walk Where You Never Want To Be Philadelphia is a city full of attractions to tempt the tourist keen on experiencing the history of America’s birth. But once you’ve rapped your knuckles on the cool, smooth sides of the Liberty Bell; tread upon the creaky, wooden floors of Freedom Hall; and jingled the […]

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