Dressing Up, Sliding Down, and Going Deep in the Salt Mines of Hallein!

Salzwelten…so tasty, you can lick the walls! What do you do when the weather is so bad that you don’t want to go outside?  How about taking a ride through the salt mines of Hallein, in Austria or Berchtesgaden, in Germany; […]

Early Spring Hallstatt

Early Spring in Hallstatt

A UNESCO World Heritage Site on a stunning lake… Hallstatt may be beautiful and charming in the winter when it’s covered in pillows and blankets of fresh fallen snow. Or in spring with bursts of colorful flowers trimming every window.

cows Almabtrieb

Welcoming the Cows Home – The Almabtrieb

The cows are coming! The cows are coming! As fall descends on the Alps and warm summer breezes turn to icy cold wind, especially in Bavaria, Austria, and Switzerland, the farmers go up the mountains and bring their animals down […]


Vignette – A Must Have for Driving in (Parts of) Europe

Driving down the autobahn can be a freeing sensation, especially when you get to one of those few open stretches with no speed limits. But you won’t get that experience in many other countries then Germany. France and Italy, for […]

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