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Top Places In Europe To Visit In Spring

Traditionally folks travel to Europe in the summertime, but visiting some of the hot spots in July or August means lines, crowds, and lots of waiting. I’ve found that traveling to Europe during spring, fall, or winter really lets you get a less frustrating experience. Spring, in my opinion, is the best time to visit […]

Visit Kiev – Travel Guide

Even if Kiev, or the Ukraine in general, may not be on your tourist radar, maybe it should be! We were totally taken by surprise by travel in the Ukraine, and Kiev being the capital city is brimming with fantastic sights and attractions. Traveling in Europe, Eastern Europe that is, is getting more and more […]

Discovering The Magnificent Bastei Bridge in Germany

Bastei Bridge, Germany

A Day Trip to Bastei Bridge (Basteibrücke) Ever since we moved to the Oberpfalz in northern Bavaria we’d been hearing about, and seeing stunning pictures of, Bastei Bridge in the region known as Sächsischen Schweiz (or Saxon Switzerland) in former East Germany. The bridge is located in a national park that is both enchanting and awe-inspiring, in […]

Tall Ship Sailing Vacation in Northern Europe

Plan Your Tall Ship Sailing Adventure

Most of my friends and family thought I was crazy when I told them for my vacation I was going on an old sailing ship as a trainee in the cold, unforgiving waters of the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. “You have to do what?” they would ask, amazed. “And you’re paying for this?” Okay […]

Top Things To Do In Linz, Austria

Things to do in Linz Austria

When I think of Austria, I think of the Alps…and let’s face it, I picture young women and children singing and dancing on top of them. I think of little towns nestled into the countryside like in Hallstatt, or burrowing deep in the mountains to mine for salt, like in Hallein. I remember my drive […]

Navigating The Vatican City – Top Travel Tips and Hints

There are so many reasons to visit Rome, but one of the most compelling is the fact that, inside its environs, it houses a whole other country, the Vatican City.  A full city-state of its own, the Stato della Città del Vaticano has been the home of the Pope for over six centuries. It is a monarchy, but […]

How To Take Advantage Of The Belarus 5 Day Free Visa

You know what I love? I love a free visa! Starting in February of 2017, citizens of 80 countries can obtain the Belarus 5 Day Free Visa upon entry, as long as you enter and exit through the right places. One of those places is Minsk International Airport, so we got online and booked our […]

The Best Places To Go, Germany In Winter

Mountains, Christmas Lights – Germany in Winter is Magical! Have you ever thought of traveling to Germany during the winter? You should. Hands down, it’s the most magical season in this central European country. Forests and mountains are covered in pure, white snow, but the temperature isn’t too cold. You can easily spend the day […]

Best Places To Visit Europe In Winter

Traveling in Europe is amazing all year round. Since we began living in Germany, we have been able to check out the best Europe has to offer in winter, and it has become one of our favorite seasons to travel.  When choosing a place to go in winter, first you have to decide what you […]

Visiting The Kuchlbauer Tower and Brewery in Bavaria

Art and beer, beer and art. These two things don’t necessarily go together, but in Abensberg, a small town not far from Regensberg, in Bavaria there is a brewery and beer garden where it’s all about the art. It boasts a magical tower that will have the kids of all ages gaping and smiling. Jim […]

How Europe’s Schengen Visa Works

If you are traveling to Europe from outside of the European Union, you will have to get a visa called the Schengen Visa. It is defined by the European Commission as a “short-term visa.” The visa is an agreement between 26 countries that allows visitors to Europe a one-visa visit without border controls. Basically, with […]

The Amazing Food of the Azores

This post is written by fellow blogger, Nathan Aguilera. He is the creator at Foodie Flashpacker and when he offered to write a post on the food of the Azores, I was so excited. I’ve had the Azores on my list for a long time, and of course when I finally get there, I’m going to […]

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