Chasing Hamlet Through Kronborg Castle

Chasing Hamlet Through Kronborg Castle

Why Should You Visit Kronborg Castle? Hamlet might have felt he’d been exiled from civilization when he was called back to Castle Elsinore after his father’s untimely death and his mother’s even more untimely marriage, but, come on, it’s only […]

D is for Denmark

D is for Denmark (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

  Denmark, bordering Germany to the north, is one of those quiet countries that doesn’t seem to make the headlines much.  We’ve been there numerous times, and each time we are surprised at its unabashed beauty. This photo was taken […]

Jelling Denmark

UNESCO World Heritage Site – Jelling Mounds Denmark

Rune Stones and a Church Driving through Denmark, you pass small, primarily one-story towns that seem isolated and deserted.  A few hardy folks ride by on their bikes on the winding and narrow roads.  We were heading to Jelling where […]

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