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Searching For The Best Tarte Flambee in Alsace

Tarte Flambée or Flammkuechen, A Popular Dish Like An Alsatian Flatbread Pizza  What is Tarte Flambée? In English, we could call it “flaming cake” and in Germany it is known as Flammkuechen. Is it French? Is it German? Non. Nein. It is Alsatian. The small border area that currently resides in France has always had a […]

A Weekend Recharge in Alsace

A Weekend Recharge in Alsace

What’s So Special About Alsace, France? Your trip to France isn’t complete until you’ve visited the beautiful Alsace region. Driving along the 170 km Route des Vins (wine route) for at least a short stretch, say between Kaysersberg and Ribeauville, is a must. The charmingly quaint villages, fortified walled towns, hilltop castles, and glimmering green […]

Finding the Quirky Side of Paris

The Magical Musée des Arts Forains

Ah Paris! If there is any one city in the world that calls us back over and over again it is the City of Light. Paris changes as quickly as a model changes outfits for a runway show. Every season brings its own charms and delights. The city changes with each passing season. You really […]

The Unforgettable Top Ten of La Belle Paris

The Unforgettable Top Ten of Belle Paris

Paris.  She is unique.  She is beautiful.  She will wear you out!  There was never a time when I didn’t want to go to Paris. From music to movies, fashion to food, it’s always to be found in Paris. The first foreign language I took in school was French, and from that time on I […]

The Most Beautiful Cities in France Travel Blog

10 Charming Villages in France

We love traveling anywhere and everywhere in France. It’s probably one our favorite countries to travel in Europe. We’re enamored by it all, from the biggest, most beautiful cities to the smallest, underrated and unknown towns and villages. Usually we plan a week’s stay in each place, because we’ve learned that finding that perfect local […]

Enjoying the Love of Citrus at the Menton Lemon Festival

Enjoying the Love of Citrus at the Menton Lemon Festival

The France Lemon Festival in Menton is A Must-Do Last weekend we flew down to attend the famous Lemon Festival of Menton, France. The weekend weather in the south of France was such a welcome respite from the bitter and rainy weather we’ve had in Germany the last few months. Our hotel had a balcony […]

Carcassonne – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Carcassonne World Heritage

A Fortified Medieval City to Get Your Imagination Working Overtime! Growing up, every child wants to explore or live in a castle. You would think that with so many castles and medieval towns that we wouldn’t get too excited when we’re heading to another one. However, as soon as you come over the hill, Carcassonne […]

Drive and Hike the Stunning Cap Fréhel

Cap Fréhel Brittany France

A Stunning Coastal Drive in Northern France Have you ever been to northern France, specifically Brittany? We rented a cottage for a week in Brittany and enjoyed eating mussels and oysters, trying out the famous galettes or savory crepes, walked through some amazing cities like Quimper and St.Malo. We also took a drive and a […]

The Famous Oysters of Belon, France

Read: The Oysters of Belon

Hunting the Elusive Belon Oysters of France Sometimes inspiration for our travels comes from odd places. Other times that inspiration is as ordinary as can be. While we try to be leaders in the travel field, picking out new and exotic destinations to share with our readers, occasionally we find our next “must see” place […]

The Stunning Scandola Nature Reserve, Corsica

Corsica Scandola Reserve

One of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Scandola Nature Reserve, Corsica is a must-do destination for families, boat lovers, and photographers. Bask in the sun as you motor past stunning rock formations in this world heritage site. Click here to learn more!

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