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Top ten things to do in Bucharest

Top 10 Things To Do In Bucharest

A Weekend in Bucharest Bucharest was just another whistle stop on our grand Eastern Europe Train journey, or so I thought. All I really knew of the city was from recent history, Ceausescu’s center of power from which he systematically controlled […]

Perfect Itinerary for Weekend Getaway to PragueA view of the iconic Charles Bridge and the Old Town Bridge Tower

Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway to Prague

Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires Prague is possibly the most beautifully preserved medieval city in all of Europe. The towers and spires lining the skyline, the massive Prague Castle overlooking the town, and the statue lined bridges will […]

Absolute Best Things to Do in Budapest

18 Absolute Best Things to Do in Budapest

There are few cities in Europe that still hold a sense of mystique, promises of the nostalgic days where opulent journeys via the Orient Express were the way to travel. We love stopping off in cities where the Ottomans left […]

Chicken Paprikash and More - A Cooking Lesson in Budapest

Chicken Paprikash and More – A Cooking Lesson in Budapest

Anna greeted us at the door of the Chef Parade school where we were signed up to take our first Hungarian cooking lesson in Budapest. An inviting space, the school is split into two halves, one side kitchen and one side table. […]

Taking a Ride on the Children's Railway in Budapest

Taking a Ride on the Children’s Railway in Budapest

A Railway Ran by Kids? About four years ago, Devon read an article about Budapest and learned about a railway that was run entirely by children. Since then she has come to Europe quite a few times, but for some reason […]

Prague at Night

Prague at Night – The Spark is Back

As you read last week, we were heading to Prague for the weekend with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Prague is an incredibly beautiful city with it’s towers and spires piercing the skyline, and, of course, the food and […]

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